Development baby 8 weeks old

Oh dear! Your baby is already 8 weeks old now and that means we're going to speak of 'months'. Bizarre right? After this week, we will switch to developments per month in our baby calendar. You can read the developments of your baby of 9, 10, 11 weeks old in development baby 2 months old. But first this week more about the development baby 8 weeks old.

In short, with a baby 8 weeks old:

  • Your baby can see more color.
  • It is time for the first vaccination.
  • Tips for mothers to take a rest.

The development of your baby 8 weeks old

  • Stimulate your baby's vision with play

    Since last week, or perhaps earlier, your baby has seen more and more and is also able to focus the eyes. Things that your child especially finds very interesting are the own hands and fingers and maybe even feet. To help your baby get a better view, you can have your baby follow objects. A bit like they do in a hypnosis. Do not keep the object further away than 30 centimeters.

    Also a fun idea to play: draw puppets on your fingers and tell a story with them while you move your fingers. Of course you can also make a kind of puppet show with different stuffed animals, for example with finger puppets. It is very interesting for your child and you will probably be rewarded with a genuine smile.

  • More color!

    Previously, your baby mainly saw contrasts such as black-and-white or strong contrasts in color. Therefore, especially your hairline was very interesting because it showed a clear contrast between your skin and your hair (especially if you have dark hair). Now that your baby is already 8 weeks old, he can distinguish these colors and details from each other.
    High time to bring more color to your child's life! How about play clothes, play figures and grab and bite toys?

  • First vaccination

    Unfortunately, there is almost no escape: your baby should receive the first vaccinations around this time. Absolutely no fun to see, but it is good for something like the prevention of a number of diseases such as Diphtheria, Tetanus, Polio, Whooping Cough and Haemophilus influenza. Incidentally, it is not mandatory to vaccinate your baby. If you have something against this, you can discuss this with the health center.

How are mom, dad or parents?

You would be an actual superwoman if you feel fit and super well at this moment. Life with a small baby requires a lot of energy. Take as much rest as possible and do not forget the moments for yourself.

Now that your baby is sleeping a little longer and needs fewer power supplies, you have some time left (for example, to make a baby photo book). Take those moments for yourself!
Read a book, grab a magazine with it so that you are still a bit aware of the world outside your house, watch a series or put a movie in the middle of the day. Just because it's possible. And because it is allowed!

  • Planning is everything!

    Now that you have a small life that you watch, it is essential that you have a good planning. Without planning, everything goes fast in 100 and you can break that even more. Now that your baby is increasingly developing a rhythm, you can take a quiet look at the following things:

    • Groceries.
    • Household.
    • Showering (yes you also have to schedule that sometimes).
    • Time with your partner.
    • Time for yourself.
    • Exercise or exercise (half an hour a day is already sufficient).
    • See and speak to your friends and family.
    • Shopping on the internet.

    Important in your planning is always to set priorities and we both know who is in the first place: your baby, your other children and then a shared place for yourself and your partner. Is it all too much for you, please turn to help. Probably your mother or mother-in-law is jumping to relieve you. What is also a great plan is to simply hire a cleaning lady or a babysitter. Even if only for a few months, you will notice that this will greatly save you.


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Tip of the week with a baby 8 weeks old

Do not forget that nowadays everything can be delivered at home. From groceries, to rompers or your new sexy lingerie set to revitalize your sex life. Take that credit card with you!

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