Dizziness during pregnancy

Dizziness during pregnancy can occur at the beginning and at the end of pregnancy. Many pregnant women suffer from this. At first it is not something to worry about. Are you often very dizzy and have you followed all the tips in this blog? Then contact your doctor or midwife.
Why can you suffer from dizziness during pregnancy and how can you prevent it?

Why dizzy during pregnancy?

Dizziness during pregnancy is mainly caused by too little blood flowing to your brain. This blood contains oxygen and that requires your upper room to function properly. There are several causes that can cause dizziness:

  • You do not make enough blood

    When you are pregnant you do not have 1 but 2 bloodlines. The circulatory system yours and your baby are neatly separated from each other. In the beginning of your pregnancy, it may happen that your body has not yet produced enough blood. As a result, you donate more blood to your child and less to yourself, so that you yourself are short of something.

  • Low bloodpressure

    You can get low blood pressure mainly between the 3rd and 6th month of your pregnancy. This is partly caused by the hormone progesterone. This hormone dilates your blood vessels and ensures that more blood goes to your baby than to you. In addition, the hormone can also ensure that less blood goes to your brain. Another cause of low blood pressure is your growing uterus that exerts great pressure on your blood vessels.

  • Low blood sugar levels

    A low blood sugar level is caused by too little sugar or if you do not eat well throughout the day.

  • Anemia

    Anemia means that you have too few red blood cells in your blood or that they do not work well. The result is that your blood is less able to transport oxygen. Anemia is mainly caused by an iron deficiency. An iron deficiency occurs regularly during pregnancies. Iron is a lot of red meat, but since you have largely deleted it from your diet, you can not eat it.

    Fortunately, there are also other sources of iron such as leafy vegetables (spinach), nuts, legumes, eggs, whole grain products and fish. But before you start baking spinach work in, it is wise to first go to your doctor to have blood punctured. Probably the doctor will prescribe you iron tablets. Anemia is often accompanied by fatigue and nausea.

  • Lie on your back

    Do you notice that you become dizzy and / or sick when you lie on your back? This often occurs in pregnant women. This dizziness is caused by your uterus pressing against a large vein next to your spine. This also allows less oxygen to your brain. It is therefore better to lie on your left side.

What you should never do if you are dizzy!

This information is very important: never lie on your back if you are dizzy. See the above section about 'lying on your back'. This posture can aggravate dizziness and you can even faint. Sleeping on your back even increases the chance of stillbirth in the last trimester of pregnancy.

Are you somewhere and do you notice that you are dizzy? Give this to the people around you so that they can literally catch you if you faint. Also mention that they should not put you on your back, but on your left side! Are you dizzy and can not lie down? Then sit down and bend forward as far as possible. Try to take a breath.

Prevent dizziness during pregnancy with these tips

By adjusting small things you can reduce the risk of dizziness during pregnancy. Namely by:

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