What does a very light indent on the pregnancy test mean?

Doing a pregnancy test is a rather stressful and exciting business. Trust me: I know. Those minutes are the longest minutes of your life. When those minutes are finally over you want a clear answer: pregnant or not! A thick line or no stripe. Nothing is as annoying as you are instead of a big fat stripe or no stripe at all very light dash on the pregnancy test see. What does that mean? Are you pregnant or not ?! Read the answer in this blog!

Prevent doubt by performing the test properly

It is very annoying if you have done the pregnancy test, you see a very light line on the pregnancy test and then ask yourself whether you have done the test correctly. Because believe me: in such a case you are going to doubt very quickly.
Always read the instructions for use of the test and determine whether you have done the following points:

  • See if the test is not about date. A test that is about the date is no longer reliable.
  • You have read the manual carefully and followed everything exactly. So you have the right amount of seconds peed over the rod or the rod in your urine. Then you saw the control line and then you waited full of excitement.
  • You have exactly the number of minutes that you had to wait before you started looking at the result (see manual) and not one minute shorter or longer.

You can answer all points with 'yes' then a very light line on the pregnancy test means that you are pregnant! Congratulations!

Good reviews and no more fuss with a light stripe or not. This test even indicates how many weeks you are pregnant!

Here you can test online based on your pregnancy symptoms?

Very light dash on the pregnancy test Clearblue

If you have passed a Clearblue test, you will see a cross when you are pregnant. In the package leaflet of the test you will see various images of test results. Here are also crosses where the second line is more vague. But that does not matter. Because even though you see a very light line that must form the cross on the pregnancy test, you are pregnant!

Very light dash pregnancy test Kruidvat

Also for the pregnancy test of the Kruidvat and actually all pregnancy tests applies: if you have performed the pregnancy test exactly as indicated in the leaflet and you see a light stripe, then you are pregnant. The second indent can only become visible if there is a certain amount of the hCG hormone in your body. It is therefore almost impossible to see a dash (no matter how light) on the pregnancy test if you are not pregnant.

Read more about the operation of the test here

Indent line pregnancy test

Okay, I just said that it is not possible to see a very light (or clear) line on the pregnancy test if you are not pregnant, but there is an exception.

Sometimes a light line appears on the test when you read it again after a while. This is, for example, fifteen minutes or longer. If this line was not visible at the time you had to read the test (usually after 3 minutes), but later it does not mean that you are pregnant. The line you see is one drying line caused by the urine that dries up.

Pregnancy test remains slightly positive

Have you seen a very light line on the pregnancy test for the first time and if you continue to see this in the following times, you may have several reasons:

  • You test a little too soon

    Even though there are pregnancy tests that indicate that you can use them early, it is better to just wait until the day that you have to have your period. Only then most of the tests are really 99% reliable.

  • Your pregnancy test is not that sensitive

    The less sensitive the test, the lighter your dash. The sensitivity of a test is indicated with mIU / ml. The higher the mIU / ml the less sensitive the test. If you test early, it is good to use a sensitive test like the Kruidvat and Trekpleister. They are also cheap too!

  • You drank a lot of water

    If you drink a lot of water, your urine is diluted and there is less hCG. Most hCG is in the morning urine.

Do you want to test if you are pregnant?
This test is more sensitive than other pregnancy tests so you can test 6 days before your period.

What you can do best if you have a very light line on the pregnancy test that is almost impossible to see is waiting a few days. Although it can be very heavy and debilitating, it helps to get a good confirmation later on.
Look: in principle you are just pregnant, but if you want to know for sure you wait 2 to 3 days, buy a sensitive test and test your morning morning morning.
Good luck!

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