Do not say this to women who are trying to get pregnant!

I still belong to the club of 'women who are trying to become pregnant'. Not bad at all, I'm starting to feel pretty at home already. But that does not mean that my desire to have a small baby in the belly has become less. Yet there are many women who apparently have forgotten this period. These are obviously the women who are pregnant or already have children. That gray period of becoming pregnant is only vague. That's why they can not sympathize with you.

I think that at least they would never tell me what they now say to me. Because I have to be honest, sometimes I have to restrain myself from making a big sweep with my arm when one of the statements below comes from someone's mouth. So sweet mommies or women who are pregnant or sweet men (because they look very different at the time of getting pregnant):


  1. Hey, are you also having a period? How funny!

    Something you do not want if you are trying to become pregnant is: having a period. That is the sign that it did not work. Disappointment, frustration and a little angry with nature. You can feel that when your vagina cries red tidal waves of sadness again. The last thing you have to say is: "Are you also having a period? Me too!' What should I say? Gosh, what fun?

  2. Are you already pregnant?

    I have great, great regret that I told everyone with my big mouth that after the wedding we will start children immediately. Because now everyone knows that we are trying. So now I also get the mega annoying question from everyone: 'Are you already pregnant?' Aahhrrgg! No!

  3. Would you do that?

    Every wine, every toast with filet americain or smoked salmon that goes towards my mouth is accompanied by 3 pairs of hawk eyes. Followed by the question: 'Would you do that?' Yes, I would certainly do that, because I am NOT pregnant.

  4. You should not be doing that

    I hate this remark to the bottom of my heart. "You should not be doing that." Terrible! How on earth can you not be doing that much ?! Walking with blinkers so that you do not see anything that has to do with babies?
    Not being busy with it is very difficult for me because I WRITE DAILY about babies, getting pregnant, being pregnant and giving birth. It is simply impossible.

  5. I was really pregnant right away

    People have a tendency to quickly turn a conversation so that it is about themselves. Sometimes that is annoying, but especially if you do it to indicate that you have succeeded and that is not me. Great that you immediately succeeded, but that is not the case with me. So what do I have about that comment?

  6. If you relax more you will see that you are so pregnant

    Gee, if I had known that I just needed to relax to get pregnant, I would have done that before. I started very relaxed and am still relaxed! Relax yourself! And no, I do not have to go on vacation first to get pregnant!

  7. The neighbor of the niece of my girlfriend has done 3 years and is now suddenly pregnant!

    This does not help, really. Just the idea that I also have to expire 2 years first, that I then have to undergo 2 failed IVF treatments and then give up after a year that I can of course become pregnant ... No fine prospect.

  8. Enjoy your free time and rest now!

    Also such a nice one. In the context of 'always look on the bright side of life' I sometimes get this comment. How do I enjoy my free time and rest? I want a child!
    I have enjoyed peace for 33 years! Meanwhile, I have already ticked a whole to-do list of 'enjoying things before I am pregnant'. I have been ridiculously eating out, too often sat on the wine and spent time together with my husband. I'm done with it. That extra enjoyment I do indeed when I am pregnant. Because then I know for sure that it is almost over.

What can you say to women who are trying to become pregnant?

'Nice weather today, eh? Would you like to drink something? How does it work?' There are plenty of other things you can say or ask. If only it CAN NOT be done with pregnancy. No tips, no examples, no vague miracles or personal stories. Just nothing. And do not ask anything about it. That is the most secure.

The standard answer that I give is:

"No, I'm not pregnant and I'm not very busy with it (a little white lie).
If I am pregnant, you are the first to know '.

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