You burn so many kilocalories thanks to nesting!

Did you know that almost every pregnant woman sooner or later has to deal with nesting grade? Nesting rank comes from our primal instinct to make the house tidy and tidy before the baby comes. As long as you do not get rid of weird antics, I do not see any problem in this pregnancy phenomenon. In fact, I only see benefits! Your house is spotlessly clean (even where you normally do not come), you are in good motion and you also burn some kilocalories! So I would say: give in to that nesting grade!

Why do we have a nesting rank?

Nestling is nothing less than a strong primal instinct that is fueled by our friends, the pregnancy hormones. A long time ago when we were still living in a cave or in a hut of reeds, nesting was very useful. Our living environment was a lot less safe than now.

That is why it was necessary for the women to create a safe and clean place to give birth and for their newborn baby. So it was gathering soft materials for a comfortable bed and clearing the cave of insects and other vermin. Sounds logical right?

You can also see nesting in animals, for example with the birds that make a nest. Nesting in this year is actually the same. It manifests itself in women to an uncontrollable urge to clean up, to clean up and to buy baby stuff (although you will probably need the whole pregnancy there).

Everything to ensure that your baby is born and can live in a spotless environment. Nesting is becoming more common in the second half of your pregnancy (from the 20th week). The month before your birth is very strong. Do not you have such a nuisance? That is possible too, some women have more than other women.

Burden of nesting rank? Give in!

Do you notice that you are troubled? Do your hands start to itch and suddenly you see dust everywhere, dirty spots or do you suddenly bother yourself with the spots on the ceiling? Do not hold yourself! Go clean. Okay, of course you should not balance with your heavily pregnant belly on a too low kitchen ladder. But as long as you keep listening to your body, it is fine, even in the last months of your pregnancy. It has many advantages, such as a spotless house.

You better make sure that your house is spik and span before giving birth, because after that you are very busy. Another advantage of cleaning is that you burn some kilocalories, which is good at least in your last trimester not too many pregnancy silos to arrive.

You burn so many kilocalories with cleaning

Did you know that you can also move with cleaning to your daily portion? That's why I say: apron, cleaning gloves and go with that banana, because you can burn on average with cleaning (please note: this is different per person):

  • Vacuum cleaning: vacuuming is quite an intensive matter because of all that pushing and pulling. Great work-out for your arms, and after half an hour you burn about 120 kilocalories!
  • Mopping: hard to go with the mop over the floor is definitely not a breeze. That is why it is also one of the least fun cleaning jobs for me. With half an hour of mopping, you quickly lose 150 kilocalories. This means that you burn 300 kilocalories in an hour!
  • Rapping windows: Now that it is spring, it is slowly time to patch the windows so that we can actually look outside. Rapping windows is perhaps not your favorite activity, but you burn 300 kilocalories per hour!
  • Cleaning your bathroom: Cleaning your bathroom is also a very good work-out. For example, you have to scrub heavily in the bathtub and then squat (squat) and stand up again to make the tiles shine from top to bottom. Cleaning your bathroom is good for 350 kilocalories per hour! Only a quarter of an hour to thoroughly scrub your bathtub is good for 90 kilocalories!
  • With the broom sweep: do you want to clear your driveway from twigs and leaves? If you sweep the broom for half an hour or so, you will lose 136 kilocalories.
  • Car washing: now that you're at it: why not wash your car right away? If you give your car a good cleanup, you burn 200 kilocalories. Bonus points if you also get inside immediately!

Be careful with your nesting grade!

Sometimes the nesting grade can be so intense that you want to carry out certain cleaning jobs that you would not be able to do. Go loose, but keep in mind the points below:

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