Reasons why I want to know the sex of the baby!

At the moment that I am 16 weeks pregnant, a new ultrasound is planned. Not because my midwife thinks this is necessary, but because my husband and I want it. We have arranged this echo ourselves because we have it sex of the baby want to know. And not at the 20 weeks ultrasound: no as fast as possible. In any case, I find the time too long that echo and 20 weeks echo between 12 weeks. That is 8 weeks! Wait for eight weeks until you see your baby again! Such an extra echo, also called 'pretecho' you can just arrange yourself. Our echo cost about € 32, -.

When can you trace the gender of the baby?

Did you know that the sex of the baby is already determined during conception? Or it is a male sperm cell that has won and survived the heavy race to the egg. Or it is a female sperm cell that has been waiting quietly in the womb and as soon as the egg cheerfully floated in the direction of the womb, she seized her chance. Only after a few weeks do the genitals grow and from the 14 weeks of gestation they become more and more visible. You can have a sex determination echoed if you are 15 weeks pregnant.

The surprise effect

Let me first say that I am not a patient person. Can you check out how nice this pregnancy is for me that lasts 40 weeks. Way too long! Let me say afterwards that I really like surprises, but not if the surprise lasts too long. I think that the sex of your child is one of the biggest surprises you are going to get in your life. And then I would have to wait 40 weeks?

People in my area ask me why I want to know the sex of the baby now. "Is not it more fun to keep this as a surprise?" I do not understand this comment. Is not it a surprise anyway ?! It does not matter if you 'reveal' your surprise after 16 weeks or after 40 weeks? I am no less surprised when I know it before. And besides, I do not feel like building up the tension for another 24 weeks. I have no patience for this!

Reasons why I want to know the sex of the baby

I have a number of personal reasons (and my husband too) why we want to know the gender of our baby.

  • 1. No vague unisex maternity gifts

    I do not want to be overloaded with green, gray, white and other unisex clothes and stuff.

  • 2. I want the baby room to be completely finished when our little one comes

    And I'm going to do it wonderfully in such a way that everyone immediately knows the sex when they walk into the nursery. Cars for a boy, flowers for a girl.

  • 3. I want to release with pink or blue

    I come to the conclusion: I am totally not 'gender neutral' as the Hema and the NS are now apparently. My son gets blue and tough and my daughter gets flowers and pink (and also a bit tough). I love that and if it should be that my daughter or son is a transgender or whatever, then they decide for themselves what they attract.

    But as long as they are still babies, they are too busy with pooping, peeing, drinking and sleeping. They really do not care if they do that in a blue or pink package. And me. So as long as they can not yet give out a sensuous word and can not formulate an opinion about clothing, I can decide what to wear. Delicious!

  • 4. I want to dream and fantasize about a complete child

    I want to see myself walking over the beach (it has frozen for a whole week, I yearn for the summer) with a hopping girl on my hand or a boy running 50 laps around me. And I do not want to see myself walking with a child that I do not know what it is. I see a child in green clothes and a vague face in front of me. As they do in programs where people do not want to be recognized on TV. That's nothing?

  • 5. I want to get used to the name

    My husband and I have already invented a name for our son after half a year of 'courtship'. Soon we had come up with a maiden name, until we found out that a quarter of all girls in the Netherlands already have that name. Then we came up with another one, which I secretly wanted for a long time for my daughter. Soon when we know the sex of the baby I know immediately what name I am going to give. Then I only have the (very, very difficult) task not to talk myself out.

  • 6. Pure curiosity

    The main reason? Just pure curiosity. I do not want to wait 40 weeks until I know the sex. And I'm even too curious to wait 20 weeks. That is why we have already arranged an ultrasound after 16 weeks of pregnancy.

Next time I will tell you the sex of my baby! I'm not going to keep the sex for me. Firstly because I will not succeed. Secondly, because I can throw all the reasons that I have mentioned into the proverbial trash. Or I do not have to let anyone come into the nursery, forbid anyone to buy clothes unisex and to hide all the clothes I buy in the coming months. I myself do not see the point in it.

Something for you? Organize a gender reveal party

The only thing I'm not going to tell people is the name. There must still be one small surprise for the people in my area. That's how I am again.

Did you want to know the sex of the baby or not and what were your reasons? I am very curious!

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