How your body changes during a pregnancy!

If you are pregnant your body will change. This is going so slowly that you do not really notice how your body changes during a pregnancy. Yes, of course you get a thicker belly, but that is not there at once and that goes gradually. Mimi Ikonn has made a beautiful "time-lapse" video in which you can clearly see how the first physical changes during pregnancy become slowly visible.

Mimi Ikonn: How your body changes during a pregnancy

It has become a beautiful video in which you can clearly see how the body changes during a pregnancy. Maybe nice to make such a video yourself as a souvenir of your pregnancy. Not really difficult, just put some memories in your calendar and make a short movie. The result is beautiful. Judge yourself!

Mimi Ikonn is known from YouTube and she has her own channel about Hair and Fashion. But also on Instagram she does not do badly with just 1.4 million followers. She also makes beautiful videos about her family and the delivery of her daughter.

The body of a man also changes during a pregnancy!

Major physical changes during pregnancy

Of course your belly grows bigger because a baby grows in it. But there are more physical changes that you will notice during pregnancy and not all of them are negative.

  • Your belly: If you are pregnant for the first time, you will really see your belly grow when you are 20 weeks pregnant. With a next pregnancy you have a chance of an even bigger belly because your tires have already been stretched.
  • Your breasts: These too will become considerably larger to your husband's pleasure
  • The hormone estrogen gives your hair a nice full bunch of hair, stronger nails and a pregnancy glow
  • Your sense of smell and taste changes during pregnancy
  • You become heavier, but that is clear

There are certainly more physical changes, read my blog "Pregnancy hormones what do they do with your body".

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