Baby sizes, which baby size at what age?

Every new mother (or father of course) can not wait to buy the first baby clothes. But since baby sizes are a very different story than in adults, that is sometimes a bit more difficult. Especially when you have given birth to your first child. No problem, we at ZoZwanger will help you with one baby sizes schedule and we indicate how the shoe size baby conversion in his work is to determine the size of clothing baby.

How do you get behind the baby mates?

In principle, you do not even need a baby size chart. With a good centimeter you can immediately find the clothing size baby. The baby sizes are always the number of inches that your child is big. Easy?

Which baby size at birth?

Of course you want to attract that little miracle the nicest rompers and baby clothes. But which baby size at birth do you have? For newborn babies up to 1 month old you can buy size 50. If you have a large baby that is heavier than 3500 grams, then size 56 is probably better.
Is your baby born prematurely and therefore smaller. Then choose size 48 or smaller.

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The most fun and good quality baby clothes can be bought in many shops. It does not matter if you go to a specialty store or order the clothes at or other online store. As long as it is made of cotton, it is good!

Clothes baby first weeks

Make sure that you have the following clothes in the house when your baby is born!

  • 4 to 6 rompers (size 50/56);
  • 6 pieces of outerwear such as shirts, sweaters and cardigans (of course depending on the season);
  • 1 coat or vest;
  • 6 trousers including 3 sock pants, jeans and sweatpants;
  • 4 pairs of socks;
  • 2 hats.

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Baby clothing sizes table

In the babymates scheme below you can look up what the average baby clothing is. However, it may be that your baby is smaller or larger. Then you better look at the centimeters for the right baby sizes.

Clothing sizeHead sizeShoe sizeAge
Smaller than 50cmSmaller than 34cmLess than 10Premature babies
Size 5034 centimeters10-120-1 months
Size 5637 centimeters10-121-2 months
Size 6240 centimeters13-152-4 months
Size 6843 centimeters16-184-6 months
Size 7445 centimeters16-186-9 months
Size 8046 centimeters19-219-12 months
Size 8647 centimeters22-241 to 1.5 years
Size 9249 centimeters22-241,5 - 2 years

Shoe size baby conversion

Changing the shoe size of the baby is a little more difficult than determining the size of the baby. The shoe size baby is not the number of centimeters of the foot. But there is a way to find this out.

Be the first to put your baby on a pair of socks. Then you leave your baby on a sheet of paper and you draw a pencil around the foot. So you make a kind of footprint on paper. You measure the distance between the big toe and the heel. Here you count a half to a whole centimeter. Then you take the diagram below to figure out the size. If your baby does not have exactly the number of centimeters that is indicated around you upwards. Better too big shoes for the baby than too small!

Size chart baby shoes

Length of the footSize shoes babyAge
9,7160-1 years
10,4170-1 years
11180-1 years
11,5190-1 years
12,3200-1 years
13211-3 years
13,7221-3 years
14,3231-3 years
14,7241-3 years
15,5251-3 years
16,2261-3 years

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