The respite reflex explained!

Do you breastfeed? Then it is important that you also have a shot reflex. Put simply, a fledgling reflex means that your milk will flow through this reflex when you put your baby. In most cases this is not painful, many women even feel nothing at all. Others feel the rush as a sort of electric shock. Read more about the admission reflex, how you can stimulate this or what you have to do if you do show reflex something too enthusiastic.

What is a respite?

Literally translated, the let-down reflex is a reaction of your body (reflex) that occurs from the moment your baby sucks on your nipple. This reaction means that you 'milk'. The reflex is generated by your baby. Your body makes the hormone during the gasping and sucking of your nipple oxytocin to. Thanks to this hormone, the muscles around the mammary glands contract so that the milk can be pushed out.

If you are breastfeeding, it is important that there is a respite reflex. Without this reflex, no breast milk comes out of your nipples.

Why do not I have a respite reflex?

When you start breastfeeding, it is possible that the respite reflex does not go smoothly. Some women have a naturally less pronounced reflux, but there are other reasons why the milk flow is not getting going:

  • Fatigue
  • Stress
  • Not being able to relax yourself
  • Your areola can not be stimulated properly

This way you can stimulate the acceleration reflex

It is also possible that your respite reflex does not occur during the pumping because there is no small baby to which your body can react. Fortunately, there are a number of tricks that you can apply to stimulate the acceleration reflex:

  • Bring routine and regularity into your life

    Try to feed and poke at the same times, so your body knows after a while that it is time to let the milk flow again

  • Provide peace and relaxation

    Being stressed and feeding at the same time often does not work. Therefore, make sure you can relax yourself while feeding or pumping. Always take the time for this, because you will see that as soon as you give yourself a short time for this, your body will fail.

  • Warm your breasts

    Heat your breasts for feeding or pumping by means of a hot shower or warm compresses

  • Massage your breasts

    Make gentle, circular movements with your fingers towards your nipple.

  • Massage your nipple

    Roll your nipple between your fingers gently back and forth, that way you mimic the mouth movement of your baby

  • Bring your baby

    The biggest source of your respite reflex is your baby. Do you have to pump and your baby is not around? Then look at a photo or video of your little one, smell some baby clothes (which you brought with you) or listen to a sound recording of your baby.

When do you have too strong a respite reflex?

Some women have to do their best to make the milk flow, but there are also women who get leaking breasts that are just too bad. For example, if you hear a baby crying (sometimes it does not matter who the baby is), when you are under the hot shower, when your areola is busy or during sex (indeed: very sexy). Of course, your admission reflex can be too strong during feeding. You can notice this by:

  • The baby has trouble snapping at your nipple.
  • Your baby often chokes or bites a lot of air while feeding.
  • Your baby is drinking uneasily.
  • Milk is still flowing out of your breasts when your baby releases.
  • Your baby is suffering from reflux.

What to do in case of a strong acceleration reflex?

Let your body flow the milk a little too enthusiastically, try the tips below so your baby will not choke anymore:

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