Tessa gave birth: A beautiful Sinterklaas gift!

At So pregnant you read an update every two weeks about my pregnancy. The last time I wrote that I would get an extra check and perhaps an ultrasound because my uterus did not grow.
This check was normally planned on Tuesday. A small point: my membranes broke that Monday night before!

Broken membranes

What a normal day with Swedish lessons would be, the next day at 8.30 to the midwife went a little different than planned and thought. I went to the toilet, went showering and was afterwards hang the laundry with a gestational period of 36 weeks and 4 days.

Suddenly I felt wetness! I had just peed so that was as good as impossible. Amniotic fluid? That should smell somewhat sweet and that did so. Help!

My husband was cooking and I call him and say: "I think we'll be dad and mom sooner than we thought." After which I first called my mother and then the delivery rooms. They said that it indeed sounded like amniotic fluid and that I only had to go that way. 'Not in a hurry, so eat something and drive carefully'. So my husband went on cooking, also showered and we packed the bags that were ready and gone. The contractions started in the car and if I were to look like my mother I would put a child into this world within 2 hours! The hospital is 1.5 hours away for us!

Quietly arrived at the hospital

Once I was in the hospital, I was examined and the heart rate of the baby was measured. All of this looked fine and at 22:00 I had 4cm access, I'm going to give birth! What an exciting and unexpected turn of this Monday night. Soon our little girl will be there, December 5 she will be born because today would not be achieved anymore.

Of course I tried different postures. But I have been walking around for a long time to catch the contractions, with the help of my new friend called 'laughing gas' or as they say 'pleasure gas'. This is also the only pain medication that I have taken.

Full disclosure or not yet?

At about 4.00 am I had full 10 cm access! But her head was not deep enough so that I could actually press, what a horror!

We were awake all night, from 6.00 am on that morning and I felt so tired. At 7.00 am Tuesday morning I started pressing but at 9.00 there was no small girl. The midwife said that the doctor could help me by getting the head born with the vacuum pump.

My contractions were less strong due to the now thirteen-hour delivery and it would be squeezed for an hour or so on its own. So I decided to let the doctor come and help nature. He was there at 9.30 and after I was stunned, it could begin. Afterwards I heard from my husband that it did not go mildly. But that did not matter to me at that moment.

Tessa gave birth: Our beautiful daughter was born!

On Tuesday 5 December at 10.07 am our very first child was born, a girl named Elin. Officially she is premature, 36 weeks and 5 days but she weighs 3025 grams and is 47 cm long. Not a small one!

We are still in the hospital now and hopefully we can go home on Thursday. She is doing so well, breastfeeding is already excellent and she is now sleeping next to our bed in her own bed. What a job such a delivery, but as everyone always told me: you forgot that as soon as your child is lying with you. And so it is!

Next time more about my days here in a Swedish hospital. The course of events and of course how it goes with our not so small girl!

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