Growth of your belly during pregnancy

Especially in the beginning of your pregnancy you are super curious about the growth of your stomach during pregnancy. In the first weeks you see nothing at all and that is really only weird. Most women can not wait until the pregnancy belly is finally in sight. And besides, it is of course also very interesting how the growth of your belly during pregnancy will develop further. In this blog you can read when your tummy starts to grow, how the development continues and when you would like your tummy not to grow anymore!

Where does your belly grow first when you are pregnant?

The growth of your belly during pregnancy starts at the bottom. From the 12th week of your pregnancy, your uterus comes just above your pubic bone. Some women can feel this when they lie flat on their backs. The womb feels like a hard edge of a ball. The first real pregnancy bubble is therefore very low, far below your navel just above your pubic bone.

When you are 16 weeks pregnant, the top of your uterus is between your pubic bone and your belly button. Now your tummy is more visible. If you are in the 20th week of your pregnancy, the top of the uterus comes on your belly button.

When will you see a real pregnancy belly?

Not much will be visible in the first 12 weeks. What is a shame, you know that you are pregnant, you feel pregnant, but not a person who can see it. The growth of your belly during pregnancy starts from the 12 weeks. With some women this goes pretty quickly (especially if you already have children) with other ladies, the belly is still nowhere to be seen.

You will probably already notice that your clothes will be tighter. From your 16th or 18th week your pregnancy belly is really visible. Enjoy it here, because at this moment your belly is still of a nice size.
From the third quarter you would rather want your tummy no longer grows!

When does your belly grow the most when you are pregnant?

From the third trimester your belly starts to grow really hard. Certainly between week 30 and 40 your belly grows for a little while longer, making it almost no longer fun. So prepare yourself and make sure you have done all the physical chores like the baby room from that moment on!

Overview of growth of your belly during pregnancy

Below is a small overview of the growth of your belly. Pay attention! These are averages, it may be that you deviate from this.

1 to 12Your tummy is nowhere to be seen, but your breasts have already grown considerably. Despite the fact that your stomach is not growing yet, your uterus has grown twice as big!
13 to 16Your uterus will now grow more upwards. This allows you to see a small belly. Your normal clothes will always sit tighter and it will be time for maternity wear!
17 to 30From the 18 weeks on, nobody can really get around your pregnant belly. Your belly is now at its best (if you do not mind a pregnant belly) and you also have no problems with it. Be careful with tire pain.
30+From week 30 onwards, the growth of your belly will continue during pregnancy and it will become quite uncomfortable. Your stomach gets in the way and you may suffer from back pain, band pain, pelvic pain and hard bellies

How does a pregnant belly feel in the beginning?

In the first months of your pregnancy the pregnancy belly is not yet visible, but that does not mean that nothing is happening. Your uterus is actually growing. Because the uterus will assume considerable proportions, other organs have to make way. This way your uterus presses something on your bladder so you have to go to the toilet more quickly (and therefore more often). Some women sometimes feel some pain in the lower abdomen in the beginning of the pregnancy due to the pressure exerted by the uterus.

Because from about week 8 onwards you can also retain some fluid and turn off your intestines, it may be that you put on your stomach. So you get a round belly, but this is not your pregnant belly yet. From week 12 your uterus will grow upwards and the pressure on the organs and your bladder will decrease.

How much and what do you gain during pregnancy?

On average women come between 10 and 12.5 kilos during pregnancy. If you come more, then you have a good chance that you have also developed a bit more fat. Are you already fairly fast on the 15+ kilos of weight increase during pregnancy try not to snack and only eat healthy products such as fruit, vegetables, wholemeal products, lean meat and fish. If you have reached 12 kilos at the end of your pregnancy, you have done it very nicely. In this case, the growth of your belly during pregnancy is not caused by extra fat, but by:

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