Tips for an interior with children: A child-friendly couch

If you have children, it may not be a good idea to put a new design sofa in your home. No matter how many times you warn them, chances are that a lost piece of chocolate, ice cream, chips or candy will always end up on the couch. Whether your child decides to cheer up your white couch, wall or chairs with chalk. Very sweet, but for you absolutely no fun. This also applies to your entire interior. Do not you want to look at old and dirty furniture in the next 10 years? Then read our tips for a child-friendly couch and interior.

Stylish and child-friendly sofa

Do you want to enjoy your interior and do you like style? This is great if you do not have children, but as soon as these little bundles of love stalk through your house, your interior will not get nicer. Certainly the bank has a lot to endure. But before you decide to look at an old dirty bank for 10 years, there is now a super good solution: a child-friendly couch and we mean: couch that your children survive.

A bank can only cope with children's hands and food when it can be washed. And you can only wash a sofa if it has a washable cover. A sofa with washable cover is a masterly invention for parents with children. Because not everyone is a star in washing, you can also choose to chemically clean the covers of the sofa. In addition to being able to easily remove the sofa cover from the couch and wash it, you can also replace it.

In addition to being able to purchase a different color sofa cover every month, these sofas are also stylish and fit into any interior. A lot better than the hoops that we knew before. Look here for beautiful and also very stylish sofas with a washable cover. The covers are available in up to 360 colors! Do not you see a nice couch standing there? No problem, this company also makes banks tailor-made!

Remove stains in a couch with water?

Completely new for a sofa with washable cover is to choose a cover fabric where you can remove stains with water and a cloth. This way you do not have to completely clean or wash the sofa cover immediately. Below you will find a video about this easyclean system, packed with recognizable situations. So you do not want to buy a new couch every time, with a plaid on the go or every time the sofa cover wash, ask for a sofa with an Easy clean cover.

Tips for a stylish interior with children

In addition to a trendy cover, there are other tricks that you can apply to decorate your house in spite of having a few little ones walking around. Read our tips for an interior with children here:

  • Provide plenty of storage space: if you have children you will immediately notice that your cabinets and drawers are short for all those toys. The more storage spaces you have, the fewer items are distributed throughout the house. Think big boxes where you can throw everything in the evening or a nice locker.
  • Make a corner especially for your child: to prevent your living room from being one big playground, you can also decorate a corner of the room as a play corner. Style this corner nicely with a small desk, a cupboard, books and other stuff.
  • Make use of educational elements: if you want to arrange your house really child-friendly, you can do this in such a way that you stimulate your child's mind. Think of colored surfaces on the wall or wall posters with all kinds of colors. Do you also like color yourself? Show these bright colors in certain patterns. For example colored crockery or pillows.

Make your house child proof

To make your home child proof you can start with a child-friendly sofa with washable cover and without sharp edges. Also consider the following:

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