Pregnancy bra or nursing bra for large sizes

One of those pregnancy symptoms that you can be pretty sure that you will have to deal with are growing breasts. A lot of women (or maybe especially men?) Think this is the least bad pregnancy disorder. Finally they have some fuller breasts. Hoera! But that does not apply to the ladies who, like me, have already started with a fairly full cup. Have you grown in cup size that is larger than E? Then read my tips for a pregnancy bra or here nursing bra for large sizes.

Growing breasts during pregnancy

During your pregnancy, your breasts will grow and / or become fuller. You can assume that. Fine maybe if you have a small cup size. For example, a niece of mine and my sister were very happy with their growing breasts. And they were not the only ones, because their partner also saw the façade increase with great pleasure.

For me, this fact is that your breasts are going to grow, something that I am not happy with in advance. I know for sure that I will soon have a 'melon' format. I know my breasts a bit and I know what they are capable of.

When I was 15 kilos heavier, I had a full cup F. Good friends. After I had lost 15 kilos I still kept a neat front: cup D. I knew for sure that I would get the cup F again during my pregnancy and probably with a cup or 1, 2 extra as a bonus.

I am now 25 weeks pregnant and my breasts have indeed achieved cup F.

My breasts have grown in size quite quickly. I do not like it very much and I can not say that my husband is overjoyed with his own Lolo Ferrari.

Recently I was in the shower and my husband was telling me a story, keeping his eyes constantly focused on my breasts. "Are you looking at my breasts all the time?" I exclaimed. He laughed a little shyly. "Yes, they are so big too!". Thanks.

The worst thing is that I probably have not yet reached the peak. Your breasts can still grow your entire pregnancy. Friends of mine who also had a good cup at the start of their pregnancy, ended with cup i!

Very important: good maternity bra or nursing bra for large sizes

What is very important is a good pregnancy bra or nursing bra. That is always important, whether you have cup A or cup J. Now is only a good pregnancy bra or diet bra for large sizes find a tad more difficult.

So you can write off the cheaper shops where you can get your maternity clothes. The H & M, Lidl, Bonprix or C & A have pregnancy bras up to cup E, sometimes F and then it stops. Also, the maternity bras in larger sizes that they do have in the assortment are not very strong. And you really must have firmness.

It is extremely important that you buy a good maternity bra or nursing bra for your larger size. A bra that is too small is not nice, pinches your breasts and makes your façade seem even bigger. Always have your size measured in a lingerie shop before you order something on the internet. Then you know for sure that you are buying the right size.

Tip: Always have your size measured in a lingerie shop before you order something on the internet. Then you know for sure that you are buying the right size.

With fuller breasts it is better to choose a bra with braces. In any case: that is my discovery. I first had a feeding bra without braces for a while because I thought they would be nicer for my sensitive breasts. The disadvantage is only that my breasts were a little hung up. This does not look so nice, even under a shirt.

Later I bought a good bra from the brand Anita. This has a brace and my breasts are much nicer, so they look less big under a shirt. So I would say: no preformed bra, and a bra with braces. But this is and remains personal.

Where can you buy good maternity bras for large sizes?

Unfortunately, I can already tell you that a really good maternity bra or nursing bra for large sizes is not the cheapest. Usually you can put down around 50 euros, especially if you are going to buy the maternity bra in a lingerie store.
If you know your size, you can buy maternity bras for larger sizes on the internet. I have looked at cup F and larger:

  • Totally pregnant: bras up to 90 M! Here you can also find some cheaper pregnancy bras from 25 euros.
  • Beautiful and pregnant: cups go to K, assortment is comparable to being pregnant.
  • Wehkamp: bh's t / m 70 H
  • Zalando: bras up to 95 J. In terms of size, the largest size is 110 F

Personal favorite maternity bra and nursing bra for large sizes

My personal favorite brand in maternity bras for larger sizes is the brand Anita. This brand goes to cup I! So you can still anticipate this.

In addition, the whole good and sturdy bras with braces, which give good support and where your chest completely fits. So you do not have those fat lobes at the top of your bra. You can buy the maternity bra from Anita online at Zalando, and Wehkamp (just wait for a good offer because they are around 50 - 60 euros). You can also get them in the better lingerie stores.

A nursing bra for larger sizes can also be worn during pregnancy as a maternity bra!

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