Set up the nursery of your dreams in 5 steps!

I'm not going to bother about it: I find it hard to set up the baby room. That is because I want the most, most beautiful baby room for my little girl. But how am I going to tackle that ?! There is so much! So many colors! And do we do wallpaper or do we paint? And what are we going to do in terms of furniture and what is the style? Pfff, hard to hear. But I've come out. In this blog I will let you know in 5 steps how I did that. And how you too decorate your baby's room can.

Step 1: Get inspiration

The first thing you have to do is take the time to get inspiration. If you want to get inspiration for something, then you really have to be on Pinterest. Pinterest is my friend and has helped me regularly to make difficult choices. Pinterest has helped me find the wedding dress of my dreams, determine my wedding hairstyle and find the right vase for the cupboard. When I wanted to get ideas for my baby room (or yes, my daughter's), Pinterest was the first place I went looking for.

Step 2: Determine which style you like

What I like about Pinterest is that you can start searching according to the 'funnel principle' (I invent that word right now). What the principle means is that you start with a global keyword such as 'baby room'. Then refine the search for 'baby room girl'. You will then quickly get your screen full of images. I then saved some images on my message board. In the meantime you have to pay attention to which styles appeal to you.

I discovered, for example, that pastels appealed to me and I often liked the photos that were tightly styled. If you recognize a particular style in yourself, you can use these attributes to further refine your search. I continued to search for 'pastel' and 'Scandinavian'. In the meantime, you keep saving the photos that you like.

Step 3: Make a selection for your base

From time to time I have been busy collecting photos on my message board with the name 'baby room'. You should not do this at once. Take the time. It often happens that you suddenly see something, which you also find very beautiful. The point is therefore that you always let inspiration come in. So I read a piece about an attic room and I saw a few things that I found super nice. I started looking for it later on Pinterest.

Occasionally I look at the photos on my message board and remove some that I do not like so much anyway. If you look at your notice board more often, then you will actually see a few images as your favorite. These are the sources of inspiration that make you happy again and again. If you keep this time and time again, then you're out: you have to decorate your baby room like those images.

Setting up the baby room of your dreams is not easy, take your time for it. Sometimes you later encounter something that is even more fun, so do not buy everything you see!

Then it's time for the very last check: involve your partner. So you show your selection to your partner and discuss together what is best. And so we were both fan of a picture of a baby room where there were pink dots on the wall. I wanted to have that too. So I searched for those dots. In the end I got them to come over from Canada via Etsy. But I have them! The same dots as on Pinterest and they are truly fantastic! We kept the rest of the room white.

Step 4: From style to design

What's so nice about Pinterest is that you discover which styles you like. I love the Scandinavian style with a bit of a playful character. If you know which style you prefer, it is a lot easier to search.

I wanted to keep my baby room quiet by keeping all furniture white and the floor of beautiful wood. This became the basis. I have incorporated the playful character into the pink dots on the wall and through the swing chair. If you have the basis, then you go over to the accessories.

Step 5: Accessories and fine-tuning

The final step is the accessories to decorate the baby room of your dreams and to further fine-tune the room. I am fortunate that I was allowed to write for ZoZwanger about the 'Done by Deer' brand. When I went to see stuff from that Scandinavian brand, I immediately fell in love. I then went on to look at other accessories of the brand and other Scandinavian brands and so came to the brand Ferm living.

My husband and I have put a white bench in the room (also an idea I have of Pinterest) and I have found cushions for that. At Ferm Living I found the pillows that I love in the nursery. But believe me: I've been working on that for a while! Also for this I have made a selection of all the pillows that I like and later I started making selection after selection until I have left 3 which I really like.

Take the time to decorate the baby room of your dreams!

At this moment my husband and I are still in step 5. And that is fine. In 9 weeks I am calculated, so we still have time to go against nice things or to buy something.

That is also my most important tip for you: take your time and do not have to be perfectly styled right away. Sometimes you feel like you have to finish everything right away, but that is totally untrue. Just when you take the time for the interior, you come to the best inspiration and the best result.

Sometimes you have to hit something that fits perfectly in the room. I already have a changing mat, pillow for the rocking chair and storage baskets on the eye, but I'm waiting for a while.Maybe I'll find something else nice and then it would be a shame if I spent my money on something that I do not like afterwards.
In any case, I am already very happy with the baby room and can fully enjoy it.

What do you think of my baby room ?! And how would you decorate the baby room of your dreams? Let me see the photos on Facebook.

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