Move before or after delivery? Do not set the bar so high!

There are people who volunteer because they like it. Yes, really, they exist. I partly sport because I like it and partly because I love food very much. I can eat a little more by exercising or exercising a lot. Yes, that is really one of my reasons. In addition to the fanatics and guts like me, there are also many people who do not like sports or have difficulty starting with it. The threshold is simply too high.

This is often because they have an image in their head about sports that is quite frightening. When they think about sports, they see themselves coming forward in a jerky and stuttering way as they gasp for breath. Yes, I would not feel like it either.

Starting with sports is not actually starting to exercise. But start moving. And moving ... we can all do that anyway?

From nothing to just sprinting

A small word that many people forget when they make an attempt to start exercising is: 'BUILD'. I also made myself guilty of this. I did not do any kind of sports at all at home doing Insanity every day. Do you know that? Insanity is (as the name actually says, I should have known better) a disturbed and MEGA intensive sports program with only jumping, sprinting, jumping, push ups, jumping, squats, lunge and more jumping. That did not go well, of course.

I have maintained a couple of weeks and that is purely and only on willpower, not because I could definitely see that I progressed during the training sessions. It was just too heavy for someone with 0 condition. After each training I lay stretched out on the floor with a head as red as a tomato and I was especially glad that I had survived a training again.

Of course I felt like a king at the time, but the next day I really had to force myself to put on that sportswear again. The mistake I made was: I had chosen something that I did not like TOTALLY. Terrible. A bit of a challenge, fine. But choosing a sports program where you have to exercise 6 days a week on a Daphne Schippers level is not good for any novice athlete.
Just take it easy people! For real!

You do not even have to go jogging or going to the gym

If you want to go start exercising Then you really do not have to join yourself with that group of people who 'just start running' to lose weight. Then you will walk on the bike path with a head from which everyone of miles can already tell that you have a blood problem. Do you know what I mean?

And you do not have to 'just go to the gym', after which you row it after rowing 5 times on the rowing machine, jogging 500 meters on the treadmill. Do not do this to yourself. Starting with sports is super easy. How? By starting with the base. We call this basis of sports in the Netherlands: The Dutch Healthy Movement Standard.

Step 1: First try to get the Normal Healthy Exercise

Especially pregnant women who decide to do something about movement before they really can not get ahead, do well to start achieving this standard. It is also a very good way to build your condition very slowly for women who gave birth at least 6 weeks ago (with a caesarean section of 8 weeks).

The exercise standard for adults: 2.5 hours per week moderately intensive exercise. You divide this over 5 days in the week, so that you can only move moderately intensively for half an hour at a time.
For children: at least one hour of moderate intensive exercise every day.

In addition, it is advised to do muscle-strengthening exercises with this standard. For this you really do not have to go to the gym to hang between the men on the weights. A few resistance bands (around 15 euros) and a good Youtube video are also great to start with.

How can you get the exercise norm?

Moderately intensive means that your heart rate is clearly increased. Your breath also goes faster, but you are not out of breath. In itself you could still have a conversation. You can already move moderately intensively by walking hard (strolling in the city does not belong here!), Strong cycling, nice and smooth dancing, like a silly cleaning in the house or at the pace of Rob gardening gardener.

What is very important: do something you like! Because if you like it you have better motivation than if you only move to lose weight. Imagine losing weight, what motivates you to continue exercising?

What can be the next steps?

Do you get the exercise norm after a while with two fingers in the nose? Has it become a routine and do you want more? Then try to achieve the following standard: the fit standard.

The fit standard is: 3 days a week at least 20 minutes of heavy intensive exercise. Twenty minutes! And do not even have to start working 3 times a week. Just start with 1 time.

How can you get the fit norm?

Heavy intensive exercise is moving in such a way that your heart rate is increased and you really can not have a conversation anymore. You can at most emit a few words. This is a bit the Insanity level that I mentioned earlier. You can achieve this by running, bootcamp, cycling, kickboxing or another intensive fitness program.
Do not want to go to the gym? You can really do everything at home, I do that too. Check out Youtube or try out Fitchannel!

Note: Of course you should not take this step if you have ended up in your second or third trimester and also if your birth is still freshly inscribed in your memory.

Why the hell would you do this?

Women who keep moving during pregnancy may suffer less from pregnancy ailments.They are also faster in shape after delivery. After delivery, exercise can really help to rebuild your condition. Other important reasons to get moving:

  • Less chance of diabetes
  • Less chance of cardiovascular disease
  • The risk of depressive symptoms is also smaller
  • A lot of exercise reduces the risk of breast and colon cancer
  • And another fine: it reduces the risk of premature death.

If the threshold is low, it is easier to step over it

My goal of this (slightly too long) piece? Pregnant women and women who have just given birth are encouraged to start moving, but at a slow pace.
The exercise standard is not the basis for nothing. This is the very least you can do for your body. Start with it and hold on. This way you can be a great example for your children. Unfortunately, obesity in children is still too common and the main cause is this: too little exercise. So give the good example.

What does or do you like to do?

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