Who makes photos during the delivery?

There are a number of days in your life that you will label as 'the most beautiful days'. The delivery of your children is probably one of them, besides perhaps your marriage, special holidays, the day you finished your house or your graduation. From all these days a whole range of photos is taken except ... of the day of your birth. Often it is forgotten to also record this super special day. Sin! Because also the photos during delivery will appreciate you later, and your child, too! But who is going to make those photos? And how do you ensure that these photos are actually beautiful and tasteful? We know it: a birth photographer!

Photographer at the delivery

Maybe you had not thought about it before: photos during the birth, but it seems that many mothers later regret that this mega special moment is not recorded. Or photos have been taken, but these are either of poor quality or taken from a wrong angle (read your birth canal full frontal in the picture).

In principle, that is also not very strange since the photographer is usually your partner who is stiff of the tension, or a midwife who secretly has better things to do than extensively make a good shot of you.

If you want beautiful pictures during the delivery, then it is very useful to engage a photographer. And why not? A photographer knows exactly how to capture the right moments beautifully and with integrity. So you do not get photos with double chin, your eyes closed, your vulva full of image, bad light or stripes. You get photos in which the beautiful emotions and events of the delivery are captured tastefully and wonderfully.

This way you get amazing memories of your birth that you can actually enjoy, instead of annoying the poor quality.

Who makes photos during delivery: birth photographer or a normal photographer?

If you would like to hire a professional photographer to take pictures during the delivery, you can of course call the nearest photographer or he or she can. But it is actually better to hire a professional birth photographer. A birth photographer has experience with taking pictures during the delivery. He or she knows how to behave in the hospital or during your home birth. They know the rules and always make sure they do not get in the way.

In addition, they know exactly how to capture the best moments of your delivery in a beautiful way. After all, they have experience with this and do not have to figure out how to photograph everything with tact. Because of this experience, they do not miss any important moments such as the emotions of your partner, the way your partner supports you, the birth itself, the cutting of the umbilical cord, your first reaction after seeing the little miracle and so on. !

Photographing the delivery, how does that work?

If you want to use a birth photographer to take photos during delivery, it is wise to contact a good photographer on time. Most photographers will be the first to schedule a free introductory meeting to get to know you a bit. It is very important that there is a click between you and the photographer as that person is present during one of the most vulnerable moments of your life.

If you are comfortable with the photographer, he or she will ensure that they are on stand-by 24 hours a day from the 38th week of your pregnancy. At the moment your birth is well under way, you call the photographer and she will come to you as soon as possible. The photographer will present the entire delivery until a few hours after birth to make the birth report.

This way the photographer can also record the first hours of your new family. It does not matter whether your delivery takes 12 hours, for example: a good birth photographer does not want to miss anything.

Tips to pay attention to when choosing a birth photographer

Before you call the first birth photographer, there are a few useful tips you can look out for before joining someone:

  • Choose a professional photographer

    If you want the photos to be tastefully made during the delivery and really make a wonderful memory, then it is advisable to hire a professional birth photographer. This photographer has experience in photographing deliveries.
    In addition, the photographer also ensures that he or she is ready all day and night to record your special moment. They will never be prevented at the moment suprême, so convenient !.

  • Always plan an introductory meeting

    It is very important that you first get to know the photographer extensively before you turn it on. You have to feel comfortable with that person. If you do not feel this, then it is not the right photographer for your delivery.

  • View the portfolio

    Every photographer has a certain style, this style can perfectly match your wishes, or not. Always look at the portfolio to see if the photographer fits you.

  • Choose a photographer who lives nearby

    Since the photographer must be able to come to you quickly, it is useful if it lives relatively close. So pay attention!

Parents who have had a birth photographer take pictures during the delivery say that the photographer is more than worth the cost

Prices for birth photography

Fair is fair: a birth photographer is not very cheap.The prices are not the same everywhere, but on average this will be between € 700, - and € 1300, -. Maybe you're a bit scared of this, but there is a reason why the prices are a bit high.

The number of hours that the photographer is busy with this job can increase considerably. First, the photographer is available to you 24 hours a day from the 38th week of your pregnancy. The photographer will therefore ensure that he is available every day and can rush to you immediately if you start giving birth.

In addition, the photographer will also present your entire delivery and a few hours thereafter. Beforehand nobody knows how long a delivery will last, so the photographer will reserve a lot of hours for you so that he does not miss a moment of birth.

All these points make it quite labor-intensive and that is why the costs of birth photography are slightly higher than if you did a one hour photo shoot. Parents who have had a birth photographer take pictures during the delivery say that the photographer is more than worth the cost. Incidentally, these costs are not higher than if you hire a photographer to record your marriage!

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