My delivery lasted 57 hours!

If you think that a delivery has been pulsed in a few hours, then you are wrong. From the moment your membranes break to the moment that you can take your baby in your arms, a lot can happen. Just read the following story of a mother who has had a delivery of 57 hours!

"Every birth is different. My delivery was a delivery where I had the feeling that I gradually lost all control. I felt very small and at times also powerless. When the actual birth actually began, I felt like I had to fight for my life. My delivery lasted 57 hours!

My husband Mark and I wanted a natural birth without pain control and preferably not in the hospital. When I was 34 weeks pregnant, I hired a childbirth coach. (educated husband / wife who supports expectant parents during the delivery without the use of medication RED.) I also changed from a midwife to a midwife to ensure that I could have a birth without medication.

My pregnancy was fine, but when we passed the 41 weeks it became more stressful. My friends, family members and our midwife started to talk more and more about the option to introduce childbirth. But I kept hoping that I could have a natural birth.

Thursday 12.45: my membranes broke, but nothing happened afterwards

When I wanted to swim on Thursday, my membranes suddenly broke. It was a real Hollywood moment. I was sure that the delivery would start soon. I had a check with my midwife who indicated that the delivery would usually start within 8 to 12 hours. That night we imagined that I would give birth to our daughter within 24 hours.

However, nothing happened at night. Usually, doctors prefer to have the birth of the child take place within 24 hours. This is to prevent the risk of infection, which can happen if the membranes are broken. But because I had a midwife, I did not really feel a time pressure. Yet I knew that time was against us.

Friday 10 am: Still to the hospital

On Friday morning we decided to go to the hospital anyway. At that moment I did not look at all like a woman who gave birth within a short time. Once I was checked in I was taken to the delivery room and directly connected to the infusion, monitors for the baby and antibiotics. After an internal examination, the conclusion was drawn that my daughter was not yet working through the birth canal.

In short: nothing would happen yet for the time being.

I was given Cervidil (progaslandin, a medicine that causes your uterus to mature and the digestion gets underway.) Read more about this during induction labor.) Unfortunately, it did not work out that much.

Being in the hospital all the time and waiting until I gave birth seemed a bit like waiting at the airport for my flight to leave. I sat in uncomfortable chairs, ate mediocre food and felt dizzy. Time passed very slowly. Although I was not really doing something, I was extremely tired.

Around midnight my mood started to drop and I became more and more nervous. I had the feeling that I had less and less control over the situation.

Friday night 2 o'clock: I had to go to the Pitocin

At 2 o'clock in the morning I was told that I had to go to the Pitocin. A means to introduce childbirth. (Pitocin is a synthetic version of the hormone oxytocin, a means of inducing the contractions RED.) Because I was afraid of the hormones, the spinal puncture and caesarean section, I managed to postpone the Pitocin for a few more hours. .

Saturday 9 am: I had no choice and the nurse started giving a low dose of Pitocin that was increased every 20 to 30 minutes.

I did not want Pitocin at all because I wanted a natural birth. That's why I asked for another round of Cervidil, but my midwife indicated that I had to go to the Pitocin or else got a Caesarean section. I gave in and was immediately put on the infusion with Pitocin. Surprisingly, I still did not feel anything, despite the fact that the Pitocin dose was now put to maximum. I could still walk, talk, app and laugh.

Saturday 3 pm: the birth started now really

Just when it seemed that nothing was going to happen, despite the fact that I was at the maximum dosage of Pitocin, I started to feel some contractions. My delivery coach arrived around 4:00 pm and looked disappointing when she noticed that I could still have a conversation with her. The birth started only a little.

My heartbeat and blood pressure were checked every hour and my baby's heartbeat. I have seen several nurses pass by and experienced the change of services. Fortunately, our delivery coach stayed with us all the time. She coached my husband so that he could support me during the contractions. The contractions during my active delivery were incredibly intense. The pain beamed from my stomach to my whole body. Fortunately, the contractions lasted only a minute and I learned how to give in to the pain.

Because I was given Pitocin, there was not much time between the contractions. Since I had not had an epidural, I could get out of bed between the contractions and I was totally mentally and physically. What really helped me to get a woe was counting in my head. I knew it lasted a minute and counted every ten until it was over. I also liked that I could see on a monitor how the woe was going to go. So I saw when the climax came and when the wee went away again.

Saturday at 7.30 pm: the pain had become unbearable.On a scale of 1 to 10 it was certainly a 10

The pain was no longer to last. I had to vomit, blood ran down my leg and I pulled the clothes off my body. I often double the pain.

I had never felt so much pain in my life.
It felt like I was going to die.

I heard that the nurse told my husband that the contractions did not come fast enough. I was totally upset. She wanted to increase the Pitocin dosage even more. But I was physically and mentally exhausted and said that they had to prepare the epidural. I just could not take it anymore and was even prepared to go for a Caesarean section, if the pain would stop. My delivery coach called the midwife to check me out. My access was 9.5 centimeters.

Saturday 20.00: it was time to press

I was always under the impression that pressing would only take a few minutes, but I have probably seen too many films, because this was totally not the case. At 20.30 I started pressing. Soon I came to the conclusion that I did not know how to press properly. The pressing was therefore very painful.

I kept a lot of tension in my face and pressed inefficiently and too hard. Because my midwife was away in the meantime to help other women, I sometimes had a break. Just after 22:00 I started pressing again. They then came to the discovery that my baby was stuck behind my pelvis. After they changed my posture, I only had to squeeze 2 times and my daughter finally came out.

Saturday 22.50: I could finally hold my daughter

After 40 weeks of wondering what my daughter would look like, she was really there now. She looked purple and looked very much like my husband. I was exhausted and had the feeling if I had run 2 marathons while I was being chased by wild animals. But I had won. I felt relieved, calm and realized that I had done something crazy.

Have you had a long delivery? Or did your delivery go very well? We are very curious about your story! Tell us and share your sadness, joy and experience.

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