20 weeks pregnant

You're halfway, four and a half months pregnant. Congratulations! Only 20 weeks left and you can finally take your baby in your arms! At this moment your baby is 25 centimeters (similar to a winter carrot) and weighs 320 grams. Now you 20 weeks pregnant you will already be able to feel your child well in your stomach. You will also get a 20-week ultrasound on this week showing the sex of the baby! Or did you already have this echo last week?

Your baby will feel pregnant at 20 weeks

Women who have been pregnant before have probably already felt their baby. After all, they know how it feels. In addition, these abdominal muscles have already been stretched once so that they can now detect the movements more quickly.
Is this your first pregnancy, then chances are that you have not yet felt your baby or that you doubted this.

It will probably become clearer from this week on. Your baby starts to move more and more. If you are 20 weeks pregnant, your baby makes about 200 movements a day! You will especially feel this when you are sitting or lying down. If you are moving, your baby is lulled to sleep, but if you are sitting still, your baby will start to move and you will definitely feel it!

20 weeks Echo

Usually, every woman who is 20 weeks pregnant receives an ultrasound. With this echo you can find out if you get a boy or girl! In addition, the gynecologist can see whether your baby has a deviation and whether the growth is going well.

There is a chance that problems are noted with this echo that have very unpleasant consequences. Perhaps it is necessary for your pregnancy to be terminated early or to be prepared for the fact that your child has abnormalities. Please do not worry too much. In most cases, the baby is just healthy. The 20-week ultrasound is then mainly fun because you can see your baby again!

20 weeks pregnant: In the pregnancy calendar you follow the development of your baby from week to week

Dizziness at 20 weeks of pregnancy

Because of your pregnancy extra blood flows through your body. This can make you suffer from dizziness. In principle this is very normal and nothing is wrong. Do take the call if you are very dizzy every day and feel that you are fainting. It is possible that you have a shortage of iron or suffer from anemia and low blood pressure. Therefore, contact your doctor or clinic.

20 weeks of pregnant weight

On average, women are about 5 kilos by the time they are 20 weeks pregnant. Do not feel annoying, it just goes with it. After all, you are busy creating a new life! Your child is getting heavier and bigger and your uterus is still growing. If you have arrived much more than 5 kilos by this time, take a critical look at your diet. Do you sweat a lot? Do you eat enough fruits and vegetables?

Time for the baby room

Now that you know the sex of your child, this is a good time to get started with the design of the baby room. If you are 20 weeks pregnant you still have enough energy and you are still well mobile to roll up your sleeves. In a few weeks you will be able to ask less and less of your body.

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