Feeling less life end of pregnancy and child movements

Already during your pregnancy you often worry about your little baby. Is your child growing well? Later in the pregnancy you will keep a close eye on the movements of your child. Many women feel less at the end of pregnancy and find it very worrying. But how worrisome is that actually? How much life do you need to feel and when do you have to call at feel less life end of pregnancy or another moment during pregnancy? Read it in this blog!

Why do you have to feel your baby?

Every baby should move in the womb. If your baby moves well, it means that your baby is feeling well. Compare it with your own state of mind. If you feel good, you also exercise more than if you do not feel well. If you start to feel less alive at the end of the pregnancy, it can be an indication that your baby is not doing so well.

How often do you have to feel the baby in the stomach? What is normal?

If you are pregnant for the first time, you often feel your child moving for the first time around the 20th week. At the next pregnancy you often feel your child before, around 16 to 18 weeks. The first movements feel a bit like bubbles or kind of butterflies in your stomach.

Feeling less life end of pregnancy? What is normal and when should you contact the midwife or doctor?

Movements 20 to 28 weeks of pregnancy

In the first weeks after you have felt your baby, after the 20th week, the number of movements is still very variable. As your pregnancy progresses, you start to feel your baby more often and you may even notice a movement pattern. This is very different for each child. Is your placenta? Then that may be a reason why you feel your baby a little less than other pregnant ladies.

Children's movements from the 28th week of pregnancy

From the 28th week of your pregnancy you have to feel your child every day at various times of the day. Even if your placenta is on the front, you should feel clear from your 28th week. Start looking for more from this moment on.

How well you feel your baby depends on your posture. If you lie you feel your child better than when you are sitting or standing. And in addition, you pay less attention to the movements of your child when you are moving or busy. Does your belly feel tense? Then you will also feel the movements less.

40 weeks pregnant and baby very quiet

Until week 32 you should regularly feel your baby throughout the day. If you clearly feel less life at the end of the pregnancy, it is good to first take some rest and watch your baby. If you still have doubts, always call the midwife.

Feeling less life end of pregnancy is reasonably normal. Your baby has less space in the womb to kick or to make other movements that you can feel very well. You feel your baby 'sliding'. Besides the fact that your baby moves less, your baby also sleeps a lot. Your baby hardly moves at those times. Nevertheless, you should regularly feel your baby spreading throughout the day.

What do you do if you feel less child movements?

From the 28th week you have to feel your baby about 10 times a day, spread over the day. When you are relaxed, you need to feel your baby 10 times in 2 hours.

If you start to feel less at the end of the pregnancy, so from the 28th week of your pregnancy, first check with yourself if you have not been busy that day, if you have had a hard belly and if you have been able to relax. These can all be reasons why you felt less life.

Then sit down or lie down. Take a bath in advance so you can relax. Concentrate on the movements in your stomach. You can also lie on your left side than the blood circulation is optimal. Feel less than 10 movements in the next 2 hours, or if you doubt the strength of these movements, please contact your midwife.

Stimulate baby's movement in belly

If you feel less at the end of your pregnancy, it is important to relax and concentrate on your baby. If you are calm and relaxed, your baby will often move more by itself. You can stimulate your baby at that moment by gently pushing against your belly.

Causes less life feel end of pregnancy

Feeling less at the end of the pregnancy usually has the effect that your baby sleeps a lot and also has less space in the womb. This makes the movements less intense and your baby can no longer kick well. You then mainly feel your baby slide.

You should also regularly feel your child in the last weeks of your pregnancy. If you notice that this is clearly less, then it may be a sign that your child is not doing well. Maybe your baby is getting too little nutrients that makes your baby sleepy, or maybe something else is going on. If you worry yourself, please contact the midwife. An extensive ultrasound can then be made to see how your baby is doing. It is fortunately rare that there is something serious with the baby. But that does not necessarily mean that you can not call in time to feel less at the end of pregnancy!

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