Am I pregnant?

Getting pregnant is a magical process in which the moment you actually get pregnant feels like a dream of which your baby is the miracle. With you there are countless women trying to conceive. But when do you know if you are really pregnant? In this article we try to answer as much as possible the most important question of 'am I pregnant'. Because ultimately the answer to that question is an answer that will change your life forever!

Am I pregnant: The flowers and the bees

Let's start at the beginning. Of course you can not get pregnant if you do not have sexual intercourse. And in addition, the chances of having a baby in your stomach are nil if you are in contraception. Finally, getting pregnant can go pretty fast or it is a very long process full of setbacks. And of course there is also a middle way.

In general you can assume that it can take about a year before you are in good expectation. This means that patience is a clean thing. So never put too much pressure on it and do not forget to make regular sex. In all the crowds we sometimes forget the most important thing about getting pregnant: having sex regularly. Read more about this in our article if pregnancy does not work.

Good health is important for fertility

To become pregnant, the woman's egg must be fertilized by a sperm cell. This sounds very simple, but in reality it is not. Whether the seed can actually fertilize the egg depends on a number of things such as the health and fertility of the man and the woman. The healthier both are the greater the chance of a baby.

You can do a number of small things yourself to ensure that you start trying in optimal health. Think of supplements that you can take in and do not forget the importance of healthy food. An example is that women can start taking folic acid before they are pregnant. In addition, other vitamins and minerals play an important role in the development of your child, such as vitamin D.

Nutrition and fertility are two elements that are connected to each other that applies to men and women. If you eat healthy and varied, you yourself are healthier and fitter and that also applies to your oocytes and sperm cells. It is also sensible to limit unhealthy habits such as smoking and drinking alcohol or even better: no longer doing so. Because smoking and drinking a lot of alcohol before your pregnancy is harmful!

The fertilization

A woman is fertile for several days a month. In that period it is therefore crucial to have sex. If you want to know when your fertile days are, you can calculate your ovulation or use our fertility calendar. Other ways to determine whether you are around the period of ovulation is to do an ovulation test or to feel the position of the cervix. Finally, you can measure your temperature.

If you have sexual intercourse on your fertile days, the chance of conception is very high. As soon as the man gets ready, thousands of sperm cells shoot in at the woman who try to find their way to your uterus as quickly as possible. (video fertilization) If there is an egg present at that time, the remaining sperm cells (many killed on the way) will try to enter the egg with their head. If that is successful, your egg is fertilized.

It may sound strange, but when we talk about pregnancy we say that you are two weeks pregnant at that moment. Read more about this in the pregnancy calendar.

Getting pregnant tips

We have already given you a few small tips that can help you get pregnant faster:

  • healthy food;
  • certain vitamins and minerals (both men and women);
  • regular sex (every other day seems to be the best);
  • calculate your ovulation and, in the three days before and on the day of your ovulation, you regularly make love.

The above tips are actually the most important tips for getting pregnant. In addition, there are many other myths and tricks about getting pregnant. You can try them out, you never know!

Am I pregnant? How do you know if it worked?

Have you had regular sex and especially during your fertile period? Then of course it becomes very exciting. Because now the big question is: I am pregnant? If your egg is fertilized, the next step is that the egg will implant in the uterus. This usually happens in your fourth week of your menstrual cycle. Or if you count in pregnancy weeks this happens when you are three weeks pregnant.

When the egg starts to implant, you will notice that your period is not forthcoming. This may be the first sign that you are pregnant. At the moment your body is also starting to produce a lot of hormones. Do you suffer from morning sickness in one go? Congratulations, that means you are pregnant! Do you really want to know for sure it is good to do an (online) pregnancy test. Or a real pregnancy test, this measures the amount of hCG hormones in your blood.

Am I pregnant: Symptoms pregnancy

The first sign that indicates that you may be pregnant is the absence of your period. But there are other symptoms that can answer the question 'am I pregnant'. For example, think of:

  • Sensitive breasts

    Your breasts are somewhat tense and if you touch them it feels more intense than usual. It is also possible that your breasts swell a little.

  • Smell better

    Is your favorite perfume too much for you at once? Or do you smell from 3 meters whether someone has smoked? If you are pregnant, your sense of smell increases and you can not tolerate some odors.

  • Be sick

    One of the most annoying pregnancy ailments is morning sickness. Or rather: total nausea because it can be present all day. Some women are very bothered by this and often hang above the toilet while other women do not notice this (then you are one of the lucky ones). The nausea is caused by the hormones and only from the moment you are 12 weeks pregnant does this decrease.

  • More urinating

    You may have to urinate more often than before.

  • Fatigue

    Your body is hard at work in the beginning of your pregnancy. This is how the pregnancy hormones are scrolled through your body and your child has developed considerably more every week. So it is not strange that you are pretty tired!

During your pregnancy you will have to deal with more pregnancy ailments. If you suffer a lot from this you should think like this: it is only temporary and for a very good cause! Are you curious how your child developed from week to week in your stomach? On our website you can read every week during your pregnancy how the development of your child is progressing, what happens in your body and what you can pay attention to in that week. View the pregnancy calendar for this.

Important tips during your pregnancy

The development of your child is quite natural, but your personal health still plays an extremely important role, especially for the development of your child. Consider, for example, your diet. There are a number of things you can or can not eat during your pregnancy. For example, you can leave raw meat and fish better because they contain harmful bacteria. In addition, a number of nutritional supplements play a major role during pregnancy.

Besides nutrition and supplements, exercise is also important. Exercise can help well against certain pregnancy ailments such as fatigue and varicose veins. Especially in the beginning you can still play well during your pregnancy. At a later stage you can not do certain sports anymore such as mountaineering, water sports, heavy interval training and diving.

Getting pregnant

If you have known for some time that you want to start with children, good preparation is always good. So prepare as much as possible for the pregnancy by reading a lot about this. In addition, it can also help to inform yourself about the delivery. Especially when the moment of delivery is getting closer, it is good to know how, for example, you can recognize real contractions or how for example braxton-hick contractions (hard stomach) feel. That way you do not panic quickly when you feel something strange.

Also think about certain things, such as want to breastfeed or bottle-feed. Do you opt for a hospital birth or home birth and do you want pain control or not? Finally, you can never start collecting the baby stuff too soon. Eventually you will need a lot, for example look at the baby stakeout list. Maybe it's good to put aside some money on time so you do not worry about it during your pregnancy.

But first of all it is of course the art to become pregnant so that your answer to the question 'am I pregnant' can be 'yes'. We at wish you a lot of success in this wonderful period and we are happy to assist you by giving you all information about getting pregnant, being pregnant, giving birth and living with your child.

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