What should you pay attention to with a mom bike or mother bike?

If you have children is a real one mom bike or mother bike certainly a godsend. If you switch to such a 'superbike bike' you will soon wonder why you had not done that before. A mamafiets is not just a decent bike, it is a bicycle where the design is well thought about how the bike can serve its best purpose, namely that you can safely ride with your child (or children and also your groceries) without danger to walk. And we can tell you: they did very well.

Buying Mamafiets, what do you have to pay attention to?

Here are some essential points that one good mamafiets have to have:

  • Double standard:

    a sidestand is certainly not useful when you have to put down your bike with your child on it. Then your bike certainly falls over. A double standard is much stronger and can keep the bicycle and your child and any messages in check.

  • Handlebar lock:

    If you do not want the steering wheel to fold when you are standing next to your bike, make sure you have a steering lock. Especially when your child is at the forefront.

  • Space between handlebar and saddle:

    Make sure you have enough space between the handlebar and saddle so that you can not fall over while attempting to squeeze yourself on the saddle. Do you have a child wish? Keep in mind that you also have to be able to use your pregnant belly on your bike.

The best mom bike

The best mommy bike is the mommy bike that every mother dreams of. Besides that the bike is of course equipped with a double standard and steering lock, the best mamafiets even more. This bike can handle anything, including your weight plus two children plus groceries. This bike has:

  • Spacious entry
  • Wide steering wheel: Wide steering wheel is very handy because the front is never in the way while steering
  • Lots of space between bicycle handlebars and saddle: even so much that you can also move freely with the child seat in front.
  • Forerek: If your baby or toddler do not go along, then you have a nice place to put your crate or basket for heavy groceries
  • Low entry: The easier and smoother you can with your foot over the frame, the better
  • Many gears: If you are cycling heavily, it is important that you have a lot of gears.
  • Firm and thick frame
  • Dress guards
  • Extended carrier: do you want to replace the seat at the back with shopping bags, then you need a carrier that can be extended. Most normal carriers are too short.

Do it all smart with an electric mom bike

If you know that you are going to use your mother bike a lot and that you are going to travel for miles every day with a lot of weight, then it might be worth considering electric momma bike to buy. These are special e-bikes for mums and are becoming increasingly popular. Make sure you buy the 'mummy version'. No child seats can be attached to normal e-bikes.

Do you prefer a cargo bike? Read this blog for the best electric tricycle!

Known mamafiets brands

Do you want to buy a mamafiets then these are well-known brands:

  1. Cortina Roots
  2. Gazelle Bloom
  3. Batavus Mambo
  4. Sparta Amazone
  5. BSP La Dolce Vita

A good mamafiets is available from about 480 euros. If you do not have a budget for a brand new mother bike, you can also check out the marketplace!

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