Cold baby

Especially when your baby is still very young, it can occur regularly that he or she has a cold. Until your baby turns 1 year old, he or she may be able to catch 10 times. This is because babies are not yet able to cope with all viruses transmitted via the air or touches with other people. A cold baby is not something to worry about, but that does not mean that it is not very annoying for the little one and for you as a parent.

How do you notice that your baby has a cold?

A cold baby has a blocked nose, coughing and / or sneezing, tearing eyes and a snot nose. You will also notice that your baby is crying, weak and drowsy. That is because your baby most likely also has head and throat pain and also a little fever. A cold is a baby ailment that is not very bad and it is usually not necessary to go to the doctor. If your baby is younger than 3 months, it is wise to pay a visit to the doctor.

What can you do for your cold baby?

Unfortunately, you can not do anything to ensure that the cold and fever is gone immediately. Yet it is of course important that you take care of your baby as well as possible so that you can reduce the cold as much as possible:

  • make sure your baby drinks enough, in case of fever your baby will always lose more fluid
  • you can free a stuffy nose nose drops (eg saline), these are available at the drugstore or online (especially for babies)
  • Dress your baby in cotton clothes and do not get too hot
  • Do not put your baby on the trek
  • let the baby room air when your baby is not in it
  • wash your baby regularly so that you prevent re-infestation and your baby is fresh again
  • Put some rolled towels under the mattress at the head of the bed, so your baby with the head is slightly up which is finer with a stuffy nose.

Eliminate baby's blocked nose

You can easily use the products below to remedy the blocked nose of your baby. For babies it is after all not possible to blow the nose and you want to give your baby as much relief as possible to get the nose open again

Can you prevent a cold baby?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to prevent a cold or fever in your child. Your baby has a cold due to a virus. These viruses are spread by droplets of moisture in the air that are inhaled or by touching other people or things. Children who go to day care will catch a cold more quickly because they are in one room with many people and children. If one is ill, it spreads very quickly.

Of course you can let your baby get in touch with other people as little as possible, but there is actually no start to that. If you are ill yourself, it is wise to take some distance from your child, especially if your baby is still very young.
Is your baby cold? Leave your baby at home, then you can take care of your child and prevent other children from becoming ill.

How long does cold last for a baby and when does the doctor go to?

Babies who are younger than 3 months are not yet good enough to cope with viruses and illness. In that case it is always good straight to the doctor to go. Always measure the body temperature of your baby, this is best done in the anus.
Is your baby older than 3 months and you notice the symptoms below, please contact your doctor:

  • fever is higher than 38 degrees Celsius;
  • your baby is very drowsy and does not respond well anymore;
  • your baby is stuffy and / or makes a wheezing noise when breathing;
  • the cold always comes back.

You can read more about your baby's fever here. Never take a risk with a cold baby, if it does not feel right then go to the doctor!

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