Baby with a lot of hair

Most babies are born without hair or with a little bit of hair. And that usually ends up too. But not baby Theo. This baby, which was shown in the talk show of Ellen DeGeneres, has an exceptionally opulent head of hair. And of course he is not the only one baby with a lot of hair!

Video: Baby with a lot of hair

Below you can see the video of this famous baby with lots of hair! Special right? Many people thought that the mother had set up a wig for the baby!

When does her baby grow in the belly?

Not every baby has such a large amount of hair as Theo. But almost all babies have hair growth, this is especially nest hair. Most litter hairs lose a baby in the first months. From 36 weeks onwards, vellus hair can also grow and this sometimes remains the same.

Is my baby getting curly?

The chance of curling is hereditary, curly hair is dominant with respect to straight or straight hair. In reality it is even more complex because the hair style is determined by several factors. It is therefore not automatically the case that when both parents have straight hair their baby also gets straight hair.

Baby hair grow faster

There are no real possibilities for a baby's hair to grow faster. However, general good health is important for the minerals that stimulate hair growth. So ensuring sufficient rest and healthy food will ensure that your baby has optimal hair growth. It is different per baby how much hair will come and how fast this will grow.

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Do you also have a baby with a lot of hair?

We would love to see more babies with lots of hair or with special hair. Maybe you can post a nice photo in response to our Facebook post on this subject?
Or does anyone have good tips for taking care of a baby with lots of hair?

  • How were you the hair of your baby?
  • How do you get the tangles out of the hair?
  • What kind of comb or brush can you best comb?

Baby photos of our visitors

Through Facebook we have received a number of baby photos of babies with lots of hair and we can share them with you here.
Baby Jermaine

Baby Djavano was born with 38 weeks, a very sweet and quiet baby. He has been sleeping the night for several weeks and 11 hours in a couple of days. And his hairs keep growing.

And also a beautiful photo of Djavano with his brother and sisters. For Djavano 3 months old lies the star of his big sister Djiná. She would actually have been 4 years old. Above that, his eldest sister Djalissa 8 years old and brother Djano 2 years old.

Do you also have a nice picture of your baby with lots of hair? Send it to us and we will put him or her here.

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