Tips to not be too busy with the pregnancy

I hear it almost every week: "Gee girl, not pregnant yet? Ah, maybe you should not be doing that too. That only gives you stress and that is not good for a possible pregnancy '.
If those words come from someone's mouth, I have to hold myself. Do you know what I get stress from ?! From that comment! There I get stress, itching and a lot of pent-up anger. Does not seem good for a possible pregnancy. Anyway, I am not the worst. So I have all well-meant tips for not being too busy with being put in a row for you. I found them a bit difficult to follow, but maybe you'll succeed.

7 Tips for not getting too busy with being pregnant

  1. Walk with blinkers

    Purchase a pair of blinkers or just stare at the floor when you walk out the door. This prevents you from seeing a child, advertising children's products or worse: a pregnant woman. These are all triggers to strengthen your desire and then you think about it again.

  2. Go on holiday very often

    Apparently you have to go on vacation to 'not be doing so much' or to become pregnant spontaneously. So scrape all your money together, because if the pregnancy takes a while, it can be a long and expensive holiday!

  3. Buy a subscription at the sauna

    Also the sauna seems to do wonders to relax and spontaneously get pregnant. Extra advantage: the chance of a pregnant woman or children walking around is rather small. They are not allowed in most saunas! The blinkers may finally be turned off.

  4. Watch only horror films or series

    No TV program, film or series is safe for women with an intense desire for children. Because there you see children, family or people who once sigh and are pregnant. Only horror films are good. And maybe just those films where everyone is being chased by such a creepy childrens spirit. Brrrr. That will put your children's wish in the fridge.

  5. Do not have a social life anymore

    A very important tip is to find as much distraction as possible. So ask your boss if you can not work 80 hours a week, start with volunteer work (with elderly or other places where there are no children) or find a hobby where you can not think.

  6. Go especially a lot of gaming

    Call of duty, racing games or the Star Wars video game: all great games to play a lot. Those games are so intense and addictive that you have no time to think about children. And besides, who wants to have a child on the world if you have played a soldier or war in a Galaxy far far away for the past 12 hours?

  7. Do not have any stress

    What is still given as a tip is to have no stress between all your vacations, games, distractions, watch horror movies and volunteer work. Good luck!

It is simply impossible

As you might have noticed, it is impossible as a woman with children's wish 'not to be too busy with it'. Making such a comment does not make any sense at all.

Suppose you really want to buy a new home and you have all the means to do this, but each time someone is just ahead of you. Then I will not say: "Maybe you should not be doing that much. Maybe you should not go looking for houses, but go on holiday. Relax and then you will automatically get something '. Nonsense of course!

When someone makes that comment against you, you can forget this right away. And please, do not think that the cause of your lacking pregnancy is due to the fact that you are doing a lot of it. That's not it.

Influence of stress on getting pregnant

Why do people say that you should not be too busy with it? Well first because they are men who just do not understand. Or they are women who have forgotten their own time.
In addition, I can think of a half-well-founded reason and that is that a lot of pregnancy would be stressful. And stress can affect getting pregnant. In any case, according to a study conducted by Oxford University and the US National Institutes of Health. But this is especially true for 'older' ladies (35-plus).

With them, long-term stress may reduce the chance of a pregnancy by 12%. But then, in my opinion, it is not really about the small stress moments that you can experience about getting pregnant. Then it involves long-term stress that almost turns into a burn-out. Includes sleepless nights and quivering hands. Stress caused by work, relocations, Christmas days and things like that. Not because you put crosses in your agenda and a week in tension.

A real tip not to be so busy!

My real tip to help yourself through this period of uncertainty and ardent desire is: try to have fun next to your attempts to become pregnant. Do fun things together, think up exciting adventures in the bedroom, go out with friends and keep enjoying life.

Even though you are still childless at the moment, that moment is really going to change once. Believe me. If you really want to, there will be a small one at home. Then in a natural way, or through a fertility treatment or through adoption.
What do you think?

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