14 weeks pregnant

You're already again 14 weeks pregnant and that means you are in your second trimester this week! Your baby is now about the same size as a lemon (8.5 centimeters) and weighs between 43 and 60 grams. As you have been able to read at 13 weeks, the development of your baby is almost complete. He or she must now only grow and there are still a few points to be put on the proverbial 'i'.

Your baby becomes more active and gets a fur

Your baby is now becoming more active and can now move more smoothly. He or she now has a little more control over the arms and legs and can control his fingers and toes. The muscles in the face are also being trained from now on. This way your child can frown and leave his face.

14 weeks pregnant: In the pregnancy calendar you follow the development of your baby from week to week

Now that you are 14 weeks pregnant, the hairs begin to grow on the head. But not only the head, the whole body is covered with small downy hairs. These hairs keep your child warm and protect against the amniotic fluid. They do this by applying a small sebum layer over the body. These hairs will disappear over time if your baby has developed some baby fat. Your baby has also developed the vocal cords this week. These are desperately needed if your child is born soon!

14 Weeks pregnant: Now it's going to be fun!

Most women experience the second trimester as the best period of pregnancy. The annoying ailments such as morning sickness, dizziness and extreme tiredness have completely disappeared. Approximately everyone in your area knows that you are 14 weeks pregnant, so you do not have to keep it hidden anymore. You start to get a small belly and your skin is nicely smooth and radiant. Another positive development is that many women now get a beautiful, shiny bunch of hair because you hardly lose hair. Read more about the pregnancy glow here.

It can also happen that you have less luck during this period. Instead of a smooth and full skin it can happen that you suffer from pregnancy acne and get oily skin with some pimples.

Stretch stripe

Some women get a dark vertical line across the abdomen when they are 14 weeks pregnant. This is also called the pregnancy mark. The line runs from the navel to the pubic bone. It is a very natural phenomenon that is caused by the hormones in your body.

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