Arranging and requesting maternity care: How does that work?

In the Netherlands we are the only country with a very fine arrangement: maternity care. The maternity care will assist you during and after the birth. That way you can recover after giving birth and get used to your life with your baby. Read here what is included to arrange maternity care everyone is looking and what this fine maternity care does even more for you.

What does a maternity nurse do?

A maternity nurse is the one who comes to support you from the maternity care after the birth. Some maternity nurses also assist you during delivery. After your birth, maternity care will be present at your home as soon as possible, unless you have to stay in hospital.
What does the maternity nurse do for you and your baby:

  • Take care of the mother

    A delivery is not a breeze and after that heavy task it is very important that you can recover well. The maternity nurse will measure your temperature from time to time, check your sutures and monitor the blood loss after delivery. If necessary, she also helps you with dressing and showering.

  • Check your baby

    In the first week, the temperature of your baby is tracked and he or she is regularly weighed. In addition, the maternity nurse checks whether your baby poops, pees and drinks well. If something is not good, the maternity nurse will pass this on to the midwife or general practitioner. All data is kept in a file and later transferred to the clinic.

  • Educate and help nursing baby

    If it is your first baby, the maternity nurse will inform you about the care of your baby and of course help you with it. But she also helps you if you already have children. This way she helps and gives information about giving your baby a bath, washing, baby changing and helps with breastfeeding or bottle feeding. She also provides information about hygiene, home safety, allergies, your recovery after pregnancy (pregnancy) and cot death.

  • A listening ear

    Not every woman sits the entire maternity period on a pink cloud. You will probably be very tired, physically and mentally. Maybe you suffer from maternity tears or you feel very insecure about your new life as a mother. Whatever you are with: a maternity nurse is your listening ear. You really do not have to keep up with her.

  • Household chores

    Do not expect the maternity nurse to clean your entire house, but perhaps she will take on a few light household chores. She will probably mainly ensure that everything remains hygienic for you and your child. Like changing the bed. Discuss in advance when arranging maternity care, which household tasks are performed.

How much maternity care can you receive?

Every woman in the Netherlands is entitled to maternity care. A large part of this care is covered by the basic insurance. Legally, you are entitled to at least 24 hours of maternity care. This is divided over 8 days. Twenty-four hours is of course pretty little, so you often get reimbursed more from the health insurance (always check).

If you are going to arrange maternity care, you will receive care for at least 24 hours, but in the Netherlands you will receive about 49 hours as standard. You get these 49 hours mainly if you are breastfeeding. The hours are divided over eight days. If you bottle-feed, you get about 45 hours, also spread over 8 days. On average this is 6 hours of care per day.

Sometimes it may happen that you need more maternity care, for example because you have had complications during delivery, your recovery is not progressing smoothly, you are a single mother, you have had a multiple birth, or you have serious start-up problems with the baby. In that case, you will receive more maternity care hours in consultation. The maximum number of hours you can get is 80.

Calculate maternity care hours

The amount of maternity care that you eventually receive is often around 49 hours, but it can deviate from this. To determine how many hours you get, you get an indication three times.

  1. First indication

    The first interview (intake interview) with maternity care takes place around the 7 months of pregnancy. Usually the conversation is at your home. During this conversation the number of maternity hours is determined.

  2. Second indication

    After your delivery, you will again see how many maternity hours you need. Sometimes it can happen that you get more or fewer maternity hours. For example, you get more maternity hours if you have had a caesarean section or if your baby has a congenital abnormality.

  3. Third indication

    During the maternity period, the number of hours of maternity care can also change. That is very nice because sometimes it can happen that you just need some extra care. For example, if breastfeeding does not start or if you really do not feel comfortable in your skin.

When to arrange maternity care?

Arranging maternity care is certainly not a luxury and you really benefit from it. Do not wait too long, otherwise it can happen that maternity care can not give you the amount of hours you want. Especially in large cities or in holiday periods it can sometimes be 'busy'. Therefore, ask for maternity care if you had the 12 weeks ultrasound and it was completely good. You then know for sure that you are on time. Request maternity care before your 20th week at the latest.

Maternity care arrange how does that work?

Probably you will get brochures from maternity agencies in your area when you visit the midwife. If that is not the case, you can of course search the Internet for maternity agencies in your postcode area. There will be several in your neighborhood. You probably have a lot of choice if you live in the city. You will then have to select one yourself and that can be quite tricky. Ask therefore friends or acquaintances if they may have experience with a maternity bureau.Always check with your health insurer with each maternity agency they have appointments, because then you know for sure that it will be reimbursed (for a part then).

If you have chosen a maternity agency, then you have to arrange the maternity care yourself by making contact.

Maternity care reimbursement

If you are going to arrange maternity care, always check whether your health insurer has made agreements with the maternity care agency. Maternity care is then partially reimbursed, you pay 4.30 euros per hour yourself. It is possible to get reimbursement via the health insurer for extra maternity hours.

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