Create baby diary with an app or book

When your little baby is finally born, you want to take a picture of every gesture. What is he super cute !! All those photos and videos are then on your phone, tablet or laptop and soon you lose the overview. So you will not know in a few months when your little one first had to laugh, bathe or daddy was spat out. How can you keep track of all this? A make baby diary! The creative ladies (or gentlemen) can easily put this together, but of course there is also an app for it.

Create 9 months of diary yourself

Actually, the life of your child starts in the womb and thus during the pregnancy. It is very nice for your child to read how mothers have experienced the pregnancy. That is why it may be a nice idea to keep a 9 months diary of your pregnancy yourself. You can buy a nice book with hard cover and write a piece in it every week. For example how you feel yourself, what the baby's developments are (see baby calendar) and what you did during the week.

For example, did you buy the first outfit for your baby, did you go to a pregnancy course, did you buy something for the baby room, did you no longer fit your clothes, etc. You can also put pictures of your belly in the diary and of course the echo photos.

If you are not that creative, you can also buy a 9 month baby diary for your pregnancy. For example: My 9 month diary from Pauline, Nine months' diary or My Maternity Diary. Here you can write pieces, answer questions and stick your photos. The useful thing about these books is that there are also nice questions that you can answer and you do not forget to write down. Not even the things you had not thought of yourself!

Journal baby first year

Your little one develops a lot in the first year of your baby. It is therefore very nice to document all this. For example, by making a baby diary yourself. Especially if you are creative, this is a perfect moment to let go of your creativity! For example, by writing nice pieces and adding beautiful photos.

Tips for making a baby diary yourself:

  • Buy a sturdy book with hard cover or a binder with enough leaves.
  • Start with a short section about the current state of affairs. Where do you live now, what kind of work do you do, how did your pregnancy go and what does the baby room look like. It is also nice to add some pictures of yourself and your partner, the house and the baby room.
  • Then tell something about your pregnancy. What did you suffer from, or did it all go smoothly? Add some photos of your belly and the ultrasound photos.
  • The following is a brief description of the birth. What time did your contractions begin, how did your partner react? What did you do then, who was your midwife, how long did the delivery take, etc. Do not forget to add the birth announcement!
  • Are you creative enough and can you make a baby diary yourself? Or, just like me, choose a baby diary app!

  • Describe briefly what happened in the first weeks of the week. Did the baby cry a lot? When was the first bath, did you like that? How did the feedings go, how did you feel yourself, what did you find very difficult, were there any accidents?
  • After the first few weeks, you can proceed and describe the developments per month. What were the developments of your little one in the 3rd month, 4th month etc.

    When did you start with the first snacks, when could your baby sit, crawl or crawl? When did you get that beautiful smile for the first time? All these milestones are very nice to name and maybe you can also take a picture. Do you need inspiration? Take a look at the baby calendar!

  • The advantage of making a baby diary yourself is that you are more selective with the photos. If you do everything digitally, you soon have the tendency to add dozens of photos from 1 moment. That's nice, but with one photo you cover the load and maybe even better.

Keep track of baby diary

You can make a diary for your baby yourself, but you can also keep a diary in handy fill-in booklets. This is ideal for mothers who are slightly less creative. These books have a beautiful layout and you can answer everything in the book by answering questions. You do not have to think of everything yourself.

There are several fill-in books available. Consider in advance how long you want to keep a diary. Some entry books such as Baby's first year is only for the first year. But you also have fill-in booklets that you can keep for a longer period of time, such as My growing up book. More diaries for your baby can be found here.

Best baby app for a baby diary

Do you not have time to make a baby diary yourself and is such a fill-in book not for you? Are you more of a digital approach? Then there are also apps where you can make a baby diary. This is particularly useful for mothers who take dozens of photos and videos every day and who would like to have collected in one place. In addition, the apps also contain nice features such as fun questions or assignments, which makes keeping the diary really fun. I found 2 nice apps where you can make a digital baby diary.


YourAppic is a handy app in which you can create an online life book of the first 4 years of your child's life. In the app you can add photos and videos that belong to a certain phase. What is extra useful is that you get weekly original assignments or notifications so that you can record all important moments of your child and do not forget anything.

Thanks to the app you do not miss a moment and you have a great reference work without having to cut and paste a lot. Only downside is that the app does cost money, namely 12 euros per year. Anyway, you also lost that on a fill-in book and the printing of photos.

Baby apps: Baby diary from Annie (iOS)

Another app that helps to make a baby diary is 'Baby diary of Annie'. This app costs 5.49 euros. In this app you can track the important milestones of your child through photos and videos. In addition, you can also record the growth of your child in the app. Your child's timeline can be securely shared with other people. For example grandfather and grandmother. This app is currently only available in English, but they promise that there will also be a Dutch version.

App baby development

Do not you think it necessary to make a separate baby diary, but do you want to keep track of your baby's developments? You also have apps for that. For example:

  • uGrow tracker

    In this app from Philips you can keep track of your baby's diet and sleeping patterns. In addition, you can fill in the length and weight in a handy timeline. It is possible to get expert advice tailored to the development of your child. You can also link the app to baby products (probably from Philips) so that you can keep track even better. The app is free.

  • iGrow

    In iGrow you can keep track of the growth of your child until your child is no less than 18 years old. Try to fill that out! The app gives you tips on healthy living such as nutrition tips, exercise and sleep tips. This way you can help your child to maintain a healthy weight. The app also shows you growth charts so that you immediately know whether your child is healthy in terms of weight or whether your child has to pay attention. iGrow is free.

  • Baby Daybook (Android) or Eat Sleep Simple baby tracking (iOS)

    This is a simple app in which you can easily keep track of what your baby eats, how much your baby sleeps and how often you have to change the diaper (and what's in it). That way you have everything in one easy overview. The nice thing is that it is completely free!

  • With some baby apps you can not only keep track of the development of your baby in the first 4 years, but even up to his or her 18th birthday!

  • I grow! 2018

    Oei ik Groei you can compare with a weekly agenda that is entirely focused on the developments of your baby. So you know exactly what the mental developments of your little one are, you learn everything about the phases with which your baby gets to do and you can take notes. The app can also help you to stimulate the development of your baby. The app costs 2.29 euros.

  • Baby story

    With baby story you can make beautiful visual memories by uploading photos of your little one and turning them into small pieces of art. The app has 15 professional filters and various fonts and options with which you can personalize the photo. You can also choose from more than 420 different artworks in which you can put your photo. Also nice to use during your pregnancy! In general, the app is free.

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