Do pregnant paints or not?

Pregnant paint can you do that or not? This question is asked by many women and the answers can vary a lot. Some say that as a pregnant lady you have to stay as far away from all painting jobs as possible. Others say that pregnant paint best with it. We have figured out for you how painting is during pregnancy.

Pregnant paints and paint air

There are chemicals in paint, that is of course no big news. But there is a big difference in types of paint. You have paint on a turpentine base (or other chemical base) and water-based paint. If you have to paint anyway, choose water-based paint. The substances that evaporate from this paint are water, and that is not so harmful. You should not drink the paint alone. That is of course bad.

Then you still have paint on a turpentine basis. This paint is a slightly less good idea. The substances that are released from paint on a terpentine basis are harmful. Some even say that the substances are harmful to your baby. Whether this is really the case, can not be directly said. But to be sure, you can better choose water-based paint or if a pregnant woman does not come near when someone is on the go with a white paint.
In any case, do not get pregnant with this paint. And also very important: always ensure good ventilation.

Extra tip: if you are going to buy paint, buy it in a paint store. Here they can advise you well on which paint is best. And they also know exactly which paint you can use when you are pregnant.

Painting baby room during pregnancy

Painting a nursery baby is not such a good idea. Certainly not if use is made of terpentine base paint. You just do not have to do this. It is better not to hang around in this chemical air. It is best to choose water-based paint, but whether you still have to get pregnant is also the question. Yet that would certainly be the best option if it really can not be otherwise. In addition, it remains important to ventilate constantly.

If the baby's room needs to be painted, start over time with it so that all the paint smell is gone when the baby comes!

Sanding during pregnancy

Sanding during pregnancy is not recommended if you are going to sand something with older layers of paint. These can be lead-bearing. By scouring you inhale these lead-containing particles and that is not so good for your health. So leave this job to someone else or you need to be sure that no lead or chemical substances can be released. Always wear a mask!

Let them dye during pregnancy

Best solution? Simply hire a painting company and have it painted by a professional. A painter paints sustainably, expertly and also very quickly. You do not come into contact with the paint yourself and you know for sure that it is better than if you did it yourself. Always ask the painter which paint has been used and make sure that you do not go to sleep in the paint air during your pregnancy.

Compare prices from painters in your area!

The costs of various painters can differ. Request multiple quotations!

Take a break during the painting yourself

Pregnant painting, whether or not to do? If only one room has to be painted, you can still be pregnant and dye. Provided you use paint on water basis. But if the whole house needs to be tackled, the exposure to chemical substances is very high.

You'd better book a weekend trip or a hotel stay while you let others do the work. Certainly when using paint on a turpentine base you have to stay out of these dangerous fumes. Your health and that of your baby really go above all else. You can also take it for the insecure and leave it to someone else during the pregnancy, such as the professional.
By the way: there is a big chance that you can not tolerate the paint air well during your pregnancy anyway.

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