Development baby 7 months old

It is more than half a year ago that you have put your little one on the world. Now you baby 7 months old is, it is increasingly enjoying that little one. This way you can make better contact and the baby will understand more and more. Your baby now knows his or her own name and will love it when everyone waves to him!

In short, a baby 7 months old

In the development baby 7 months old you can expect the following:

  • Your baby can start to grow.
  • Your baby may eat more and more such as bread and small meals.
  • If it is good, your baby can sit well.
  • Finally, you and your partner can take 7 hours of sleep together!
  • The baby understands that certain actions and response exclaim

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The development of the baby 7 months old

When your baby is 7 months old, new exciting milestones arrive. This is how your baby is tending, this means that your little one tries to move on the ground. This can sometimes look very funny because every baby has its own unique way! Tigers is the stage for crawling. In addition, you can always eat more pleasantly with your baby, who now has bread and small evening meals.

Your baby understands more and more in the contact. This way the baby knows his or her name and can read emotions from your face. Chances are that your little one will also imitate these emotions. When mom laughs, I laugh too! But it is also possible that if another child is crying loudly, your baby is 'cozy' with it.

From 7 months old your baby also understands action-reaction. He is now going to understand that if he cries, you will come to him. Therefore, try to listen carefully to the cry of your baby. Is something wrong, or does your baby only want some attention? Time to set limits!

Baby eating 7 months

From the 6 months old it is wise to start with the exercise snacks. Now that your baby is 7 months old, eating with your baby is becoming more fun! Hopefully your baby has already got to know many flavors of fruit and vegetables! A baby of 7 months old you can also give some bread and your baby may eat more! You do not have to purge everything, your child has to learn how to chew. This way your baby learns how to use the jaws which also helps with language development. Do not forget the snacks with your baby, but always make sure they are healthy!

A daily menu of a 7 month old baby can look like this:

  • Breakfast: Food (milk or breastfeeding) with pieces of light brown bread with halvarine and jam.
  • Lunch: Food with pieces of bread with toppings.
  • Evening: Food with a small meal of 200 grams in total. This meal can consist of 100 grams of vegetables (you do not have to purée), 80 grams of mashed potato or rice / pasta and 1 tablespoon of fish / meat. In addition, 1 tablespoon of oil or margarine can be added. Do not use salt!
  • In between: 1 piece of fruit, bread crust, breadstick or cracker.

Your baby is going to be a tiger

Babies of 7 months old are slowly going to crawl. But before they can do that, there is first a phase in between: the tidings. First your baby will move up and down on his or her belly. Later your baby can turn around. After that, it does not take long before your baby can take off with his feet and pull with the hands forward. Or your baby is just going backwards.

Every child does it in his own way. As strange as this is sometimes, let your baby be nice and go! If you notice that your baby is going to grow, then it is very wise to make your house baby-proof, after all, accidents are in a small corner.

Will your baby slowly crawl? Then pull your baby's long pants to protect the knees!

Handy while crawling! This way the knees do not damage anymore!

Development baby 7 months stimulate

As long as you put a lot of time into your baby, you learn your baby a little more every day. So always keep talking to your baby, explain what you are doing and name the items you have in your hand. Also read every night from a booklet. A lot of contact is always essential.

If the baby is 7 months old, he or she will begin to grow and / or crawl. This is a whole new step! Do not force your baby to grow. Your baby will indicate when he or she is ready for it. You can stimulate him positively by putting the baby more often on the belly with playing. Then motivate your baby by sitting a little further away from him with a toy, maybe your child will try to come to you. Do not do a daily workout of an hour here. A few minutes is enough.

  • Baby 7 months of toys

    Toys that move is very good for your baby from 7 months old. This toy helps your baby to move and also to go and crawl. Think of a ball, car or toy train. But also other toys that can move and what your baby has to reach for is good. Do not tease your baby for too long. If he still can not get to the toy after a few attempts, just give it. A new day tomorrow!

    What your baby also likes from the 7 months are: block boxes, rattles and booklets, things you can do in a box, cardboard booklets with pictures, toys that can roll as well as pull-ducks.

  • Baby is going to use the hands

    Your baby is now increasingly using the hands. Not only to grab everything and to put it in the mouth, but also to swing. Super fun so to teach your baby to swing to grandpa and grandma and ah ... why not everyone on the street! If your baby swings then everyone should swing back, of course!

    Now that the baby is using the hands, you can stimulate this extra by singing nice songs where your child has to move the hands. For example 'Clap your hands.'

  • Understand action and reaction

    Now that your baby is 7 months old, he increasingly understands that when he does something, it provokes a reaction. For example, when he cries, mom or dad come to him. Look! That's nice! And if your baby throws something on the floor, Mom or Dad picks it up again and again. That's handy!

    Your baby will also understand that if he presses something, it can make a sound. Fun! Or maybe not? For your baby and he learns a lot from this, but for you as a parent it can sometimes be a little less fun. So try to clearly indicate limits, because your baby can also see that you are angry!

  • Sleeping for 7 months

    Good news! Babies 7 months old are going to sleep through more and more! Some parents can now stay in dreamland for 7 hours and sometimes even 9 hours in a row! That is because your baby will no longer need night food from now on.
    On average, babies now sleep from 11.00 to 7.00. Delicious! Is this not the case for you? That can be very possible! Every baby is special and unique and sometimes has its own sleep rhythm.

    You can do a few things to encourage sleep through. For example, show clear difference between day and night, swaddle when your baby sleeps restlessly, rest and keep regularity and perhaps it helps to put some rice flour in bed before bedtime so that your baby is saturated for longer. Pay attention! Adding rice flour to the diet is only allowed in babies from 6 months of age and only if you suspect that the regular diet does not fill your baby enough.

How are mom, dad or the parent?

You have been able to read it. If it is good, you can now lie longer and longer on one ear at night, so that your bags will finally start to shrink. Delicious right ?! Try to really take your rest and sleep well.
Does not your baby sleep through yet? Then try to follow the tips in the article about 'Sleeping baby' (see interesting blogs at the bottom).

If you notice that you are all falling heavily, then never feel burdened to ask other mothers how they are tackling it all. There is nothing wrong with that and you do not have to be ashamed of that at all. Everyone has to find his or her way in parenthood, parents who say that everything goes by itself!


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Tip of the month with a baby 7 months old

All developments you read in this blog are average. It could be that your baby could have been tending earlier, or maybe your child is not getting any at all. That is totally fine! Every child learns at his or her own pace and there is nothing to say about that. It does not say that your child is more stupid than others when he or she is behind in development. So do not worry about it and compare your miracles with those of someone else!

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