Trick is going viral! How can you ease the pain when your baby gets teething?

If your baby gets teething, he or she may suffer a lot. In addition to many drooling, most babies are also tearful because it can be painful. But how can you ease the pain when your baby gets teething?
Well Tasia Blackwell came up with something and she posted her video on Facebook. Her trick to alleviate the pain with the coming teething went viral and was viewed almost 24 million times.

How can you ease the pain when your baby gets teething?

Her solution is simple but ingenious. Especially with the nice weather rise it is not only effective but also good (for the baby). What is her secret?
She fills her mother's milk and she makes popsicles for her baby! Every time she thinks that her baby is suffering from the coming teething she gives him a "milksicle" popsicle. She writes: "He loves it and it helps to soothe the pain and fill his tummy!"

Below is the video where you can see how her son enjoys the popsicle made from mother's milk. The video has been online just over 1 week and has been viewed on Facebook almost 24 million times.

Store breast milk

The frozen and expressed breast milk stores Tasia in the freezer. You can see that she has provided the bags with a date. Very handy!
Frilled milk can be kept in the fridge for a few days and up to 6 months in the freezer. Read all about flasks here.

There is also a mother who is just a milk factory and all her expressed milk in the freezer. Then it is just a few liters of breast milk, no she has a freezer full of hundreds of gallons of expressed milk at home.
Curious? Read this blog about this mother is like a milk factory.

(Source: Facebook) Be careful that you are not mistaken ...

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