Free maternity products for your home birth and maternity period

Are you already in your third trimester and busy with sweet baby clothes score? Did you know that in addition to a free baby box and a maternity package, you also have seven maternity products can borrow?
These items are meant for a home birth and for your maternity period. They are all easily online and free to order via Actually a practical maternity gift for yourself and your maternity nurse.

It concerns these maternity products that you can order for free:

  • Bedding or bed raisers
  • Po or bedpan
  • Back support
  • Shower chair, shower stool or bath board (for sitting shower)
  • Toilet seat

What do you need these maternity products for?

  • Bed raisers or bed linens

    From week 37 onwards during pregnancy you need bed blankets (or bed raisers) to raise your bed to 80 centimeters.
    That is a good working height for your obstetrician and maternity nurse.

  • Bed or pot for delivery

    A pot or bedpan is a mandatory part of a home birth. With this metal bedpan the midwife catches the placenta.

  • Back support for delivery

    A back support is useful for childbirth. You can fold out the backrest a little and place it under your pillow against heartburn. After delivery, when your little one is there, you can use a back support to tilt your mattress upwards so that you are better supported on your bed. That is also more pleasant when feeding the baby.

  • Maternity products such as a shower stool, shower chair or bath board

    A shower stool or shower chair can contribute to your comfort during your delivery and in your maternity period. A shower stool or chair is nice if you are too tired to shower standing up. With a bath board you can cope with your contractions in different poses. You can also sit on the shower in the bath.

  • Toilet seat for home birth

    A toilet seat is practical if there is no toilet on the same floor where your bedroom is located. Then you do not have to walk stairs if you have to go to the toilet. This tool for home delivery can also be ordered online for free.

All these seven handy maternity products are reimbursed for each pregnant woman from the basic insurance and therefore they are free for you!
If you order these maternity items online via, they will also be delivered free of charge. The declaration is arranged for you. Another item to check off your baby checklist!

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