Stitches in the vagina during pregnancy

Many women experience sticking in the vagina in pregnancy. This can have various causes and we have collected and listed them for you. In this blog you can read the causes of the stitches in the uterus at the beginning of the pregnancy. Are you between 34 and 38 weeks pregnant and do you experience stitches in the sheath? Even then you can read here where this comes from. What is certainly nice to know is that it is often quite innocent. But of course it is always nice when you know where it comes from. Just purely for your own state of mind.

Stitches in the womb at the beginning of pregnancy

At the beginning of your pregnancy it is quite possible that you feel stings in the womb or stabbing in your lower abdomen. This is mainly caused by your growing uterus. This uterus hangs on your pelvis by means of bands. If your uterus starts to grow, these ligaments are stretched and this can sting the abdomen and cause groin.

Sometimes it also feels like light menstrual pain. The official term is band pain, which you can also suffer later in your pregnancy. After all, your uterus is getting bigger and heavier. Read more about tire pain here. A pregnancy support pants can also provide relief.

Another cause of stinging in the uterus at the beginning of your pregnancy is the fact that the egg starts to implant in the uterine wall. This implantation can cause cramps. This is also called implantation pain.

Stabbing in the vagina due to changes in hormone regulation

Yes, there they are again: the hormones. As if they do not cause enough, your hormones can also be responsible for those annoying stitches from below. Because your hormone balance is going well on the shovel and your uterus is well circulated, this can cause stinging. These feel like sharp blades are being pinned into your precious part.

Stitches from below towards the end of pregnancy

At the end of the pregnancy more and more women experience stitches in the crotch. This can be caused by your baby pressing against the nerves. Another cause is that your baby started to descend. Some women do not feel anything about being sedated, but others suffer from indigestion pains or soreness pain. This feels like sharp stitches or a nagging pain in the groin or lower abdomen. This does not mean that you are giving birth. Your baby is already going to scale between the 30th and 38th week of your pregnancy.

Other causes of stitches in the vagina during pregnancy

There are more causes of the stitches than to put down or tire pain. For example, think of:

  • Pelvic instability: This means that the bone parts in the pelvis shift and are not stabilized by the surrounding muscles. You can get pain on or around your pubic bone.
  • Cramp the muscles of your pelvic floor
  • Exercises
  • Hard bellies

Stitches in the sheath dangerous?

As you can read, stitches in the vagina are fairly common during pregnancy and there are various causes. In most cases it is not dangerous, but rather an additional pain from something else. Consider, for example, induced pain or stinging through a growing uterus. The good news is that there is nothing wrong with your baby.

The bad news is that there is not much to do about it. There is no means available to reduce the stitches. You do not have to worry about it anyway. But of course you can always contact your midwife or GP to discuss it. Even if only to be reassured.

Stress during your pregnancy can have consequences. Hopefully it makes a difference now that you know what the pain can cause. In most cases it can help to take things a little easier. Sometimes you get the stitches in your vagina because you have taken too much hay on your fork.

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