Development baby 8 months old

Your baby is 8 months old! Your little one is going to imitate you more and more. For example, he will babble a lot in various pitches and he will look carefully at all the movements you make. You can stimulate the baby in this by making movements. Always tell us how certain objects are called, because now he can remember things better and better. Does the baby cry when you leave? Then your child suffers from separation anxiety. That is very normal in this phase, but of course it remains super difficult! Read more here development baby 8 months old.

In short, with a baby 8 months old

  • Your baby does not like it when mom or dad leaves.
  • It may be that your child becomes somewhat unkind.
  • Probably your child can already crawl and now he wants to try to stand.
  • The exercise snacks are a thing of the past and your baby now gets real meals!
  • Your baby will recognize his own name.
  • Your baby is babbling more and more and pointing to make something clear.

Development baby 8 months old

The development of the baby 8 months old continues, but from now on you will notice differences in comparison with other babies of the same age. Maybe your child already has 5 teeth and that of your neighbor is not at all. But maybe the baby of your neighbor is already crawling and your baby is just sitting on end.

I can not say it often enough: but never compare your child to that of another! And do not let your child compare with others. Every baby develops at a different pace. In most cases babies aged 8 months old can already be seated, your baby absolutely does not like it when you leave and your baby is not always happy with strange people. This has to do with separation anxiety and loneliness. Very normal! Read more about the other development baby 8 months old here.

  • More and more remembered and separation anxiety

    Your little one will now store more and more in those small brains and thus also knows how he or she can remember things. This is also called object persistence. Your baby learns his or her own name by this, comes to the discovery that that person is in the mirror himself and he learns that mom and dad sometimes leave without him!

    Previously it was a bit 'out of sight' and you stopped living as soon as you pulled yourself out of the sight of your baby. But now your baby understands that you will continue to exist and therefore just go away. That is not nice! It can happen that your child starts to cry when you walk away. There is then talk of separation anxiety. Relief anxiety is very normal for a baby 8 months old. Your baby has to learn that you will always come back again.

    In most cases he learns this automatically. What can help is playing the game of peek-a-boo. Then your baby also sees that you can disappear, but always comes back laughing!

  • Uniqueness

    Dad and mommy are the support and relatives of a baby 8 months old. Now that he can remember more and more, he now knows that you are his favorite person in the world. Other people, and especially strangers, do not like your baby. So do not be surprised if your baby is less friendly to other people.

    In addition, it can also happen that your baby only wants to be with you and with no one else. This is sometimes difficult, but no reason to keep your child always with you. It is good to teach your baby that you always come back and that sometimes it is really not bad to be a few hours without being a mom or dad. Take your baby to social occasions so that your child gets used to other people.

  • Pointing and imitating

    Your little one is starting to imitate you more and more, so see yourself as a very good example! Your child will also try to make something clear in more and more ways. For example by making and pointing sounds. Respond well to this, by naming objects that your child points to. This way your child learns to link words to objects.

  • Sleeping for 8 months

    Babies 8 months old sleep about 14 hours a day. It may well be that your little one is lying on one ear for 9 hours in the evening and at night. But unfortunately that is not the case with every baby. During the day your baby sleeps 2-3 times for about an hour. Does not your baby sleep through yet? Read here some tips to promote sleep through.

  • Crawl and stand

    The chance is pretty big that your baby can crawl already. Have you already made your house baby-proof? If your baby can not crawl yet, nothing is wrong. Each child develops at his or her own pace. Some babies who are 8 months old are already trying to stand up!

    Attempting to stand is in the beginning super difficult for your little one. This will literally go with a lot of falling and trying to stand up. Let your child go as far as possible, because your child learns so best. You can help him by providing a stool, hand or something else to which he can go.

Baby 8 months feeding schedule

The diet of your baby of 8 months expands a bit. Your child is now allowed more and more nutrition that is not completely crushed. This way your child can learn to chew well. Start with soft fruit and vegetables and cut everything into small pieces. Give your child a spoon so that he or she can try to eat.

If the baby is 8 months old, your baby will no longer eat exercise snacks, but your child will switch to complete meals for the baby. In addition to 4 to 6 bottle or breastfeeding, you give your baby another sandwich and a main meal. For example a sandwich, hot food or porridge. In addition, your child will receive another snack such as a piece of fruit or 50 grams of vegetables. Example of a feeding schedule:

  • Breakfast: Bottle or breastfeeding with pieces of bread with topping or porridge
  • Lunch: Bottle or breastfeeding with pieces of bread with toppings or porridge
  • Evening: Main meal consisting of 4 tablespoons of mashed kidney beans, 2 tablespoons of cooked vegetables.
  • In the evening: food or a cup of follow-on milk.
  • In between: in the evening: 1 piece of fruit

Development to stimulate baby 8 months old

  • Voice development

    You will begin to notice that your baby is increasingly babbling in different pitches. What your child actually does is imitate you. You probably can not make anything of what your child is doing, but it is a very good exercise for your little one. Try to stimulate your child's speech by talking clearly when you speak to your baby. This way your baby can hear the pronunciation. If your child points to something or while reading aloud, name the objects / animals etc. that your child points to. Explain to your baby what part of the body is and point animals to the sounds of the animals.

  • A lot of singing and playing

    It is always important to play a lot with your baby, sing and talk. This way you make contact and your baby can see how you do everything. For example, show your child how you can put blocks in holes or how he can make sounds with toys. Your child really enjoys that!

    Also keep singing nice and educational songs such as 'blow in the hands'. Also reading aloud and naming objects or animals is super important for your little one. Finally, peek-a-boo is a very important game to play. Not only does your baby whine when you jump out again and again, but your baby also learns that you can be away, but always comes back again. You can also play hide and seek with toys for example. Put a cloth over it and let your baby pull it away. Surprise!

  • Baby 8 months of toys

    Fun toys for your baby are boxes in which you can put blocks and shapes or toys that make a sound. In addition, you also make your baby very happy with: booklets, blocks, stacking toys, illuminated toys, musical instruments, driving toys and cause and effect toys.

How are mom, dad or the parent?

Gradually you get more and more sleep and you see more and more how your little one develops a character. Super fun to see and delicious to enjoy! What can be troublesome in this phase is the separation anxiety and loneliness of your child. Maybe you now have the feeling that you can not leave your child alone anymore and you feel super guilty if you leave your little one somewhere. It is also very difficult, but unfortunately this phase also belongs. You do not help your child by staying with him all the time, you only reinforce the separation anxiety.

What you can do is create a farewell ritual. Never just leave, but explain to your baby that you are leaving and will really come back again. Give your baby a big kiss and then leave again. Do not come back when your baby is crying, because then your little one will think that if he cries very loud, Mommy will come back again.


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Tip of the month with a baby 8 months old

Your baby remembers more and more and more and more. That way your baby will love to make 'music'. Teach your child how he can drum or how sound comes when he pans or drums with his hands. What a party!

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