Things you do when you are pregnant!

Did you not first understand why pregnant women talk in weeks at once? Or did you irritate yourself with the complaining of pregnant women? Now that you are pregnant, you are probably going to do exactly the same! And in addition, there are a number of other things that you are going to do or actually have to do when you know that you are pregnant. Read the here things you do when you are pregnant.

Pregnancy just discovered

Did you not become a period? That is often the first sign that you are pregnant. In addition, you may suffer from morning sickness and painful or tender breasts. The first thing most pregnant women do is to pass a pregnancy test. If you do this test when you do not have your period, you are usually 4 weeks pregnant.

Is the test positive? Congratulations! And now? Now nothing at all, except together with your partner enjoy the fact that you are pregnant. What you can start with is to ensure that you live incredibly healthy. So:

  • Do not smoke.
  • No more alcohol.
  • No drugs.
  • Think of sufficient exercise, because you can simply exercise during pregnancy. If you do not sport, this is a good time to start!
  • Provide a good night's sleep (now it is still possible).
  • Eat healthy and see what you can no longer eat.
  • Do you already take folic acid?

At the moment you are six weeks pregnant you can contact a midwife. An ultrasound will then be scheduled in the 8th or 9th week of your pregnancy. Also start by reading our pregnancy calendar. In it you can see exactly how the developments of your baby and yours are going to happen!

I am pregnant due date

To be sure that you are pregnant, a pregnancy test is a good way to determine this. Previously, women had to go to the doctor to have the pregnancy confirmed, but that is no longer necessary. The pregnancy tests are reliable enough. The downside is that not every test shows how long you are pregnant, or you have to buy an expensive test. Fortunately, there is another way to get behind your due date. This date is 40 weeks after the first day of your last menstruation. Or you can do our online pregnancy test to have the calculated date calculated.

Things you do when you are pregnant: You become forgetful! Pregnancy dementia it really exists.

13 Things you do when you are pregnant!

Is this your first pregnancy? Then we would like to welcome you to the still new and unknown world of being pregnant. This includes the strange changes that your body undergoes, the new conversations you will take, the sincere and irritating advice you will receive and the many, many baby shops. And just believe: a whole new world opens up for you. Because even if you did not think so at first, you too will do the following things when you are pregnant:

  1. You do not count in months but in weeks. Really, it just goes without saying.
  2. You will switch to comfortable and neutral lingerie. It must especially be nice.
  3. You too see your breasts as painful dairy factories and nothing else.
  4. You feel less and less guilty when you pick up yet another biscuit or chocolate and disappear into your mouth. After all, you are already heavy enough.
  5. You are greatly looking forward to the moment you are going to get a belly. But on the other hand, you are also afraid that you are getting too fat.
  6. You too will use your pregnancy as an excuse. Because you were too late, too grumpy, too depressed, and it was also because of your pregnancy that you left a lump.
  7. You're going to complain, or complain ... You just name what you feel. Nothing wrong with that.
  8. Things you do when you are pregnant. Do you know which items are missing in this list that are typical of pregnant women?
  9. Your clothes are becoming less and less charming, and once you buy groceries in jogging pants you can now find the best.
  10. Everywhere, but everywhere you see all the babies first.
  11. You keep a lot of that little one in your stomach, even though you've never seen him or her before.
  12. Several times during your pregnancy, and especially in the end you will feel yourself very insecure. Do you become a good mother ?!
  13. The very realization that you are really going to be a mother makes you so intensely happy that you can not really control the tears. That is really beautiful!
  14. You go very carefully with food and maybe even a little too cautiously at once. Everything for the health of your baby right?
Things you do when you are pregnant. Do you know which items are missing in this list that are typical of pregnant women?

Pregnant and eating

During your pregnancy there will be a number of products that you have to delete for at least 9 months from your diet when you are pregnant. For example, think of:

  • Raw meat such as filet americain, roast beef and carpaccio.
  • Raw eggs.
  • Smoked fish.
  • Raw fish.
  • Raw milk.

More information about things you should not eat when you are pregnant can be read in our blog: What can you eat or do not eat during pregnancy?

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