The how and why of night feeding!

The broken nights that you will have irrevocably after the arrival of your baby are caused to a large extent by the night feeds. In the first months the night nutrients are needed. Your baby has only a small stomach. This means your baby has to eat more often. The night nutrients therefore play an important role in growth. Fortunately, it is not necessary to feed your baby overnight for a year. If it's okay, your baby will automatically sleep through. In this blog you will find more information about night nutrients.

Why night feeds are needed?

In the first months, feeding at night is really necessary for the growth and development of your baby. In addition, these feedings are also important for mothers and especially mothers who are breastfeeding.

Night feeding is necessary in the first months because babies have a small stomach. Because of this they drink little and therefore have to drink more often. In addition, blood sugar levels remain more stable if your baby receives more milk, which is good for brain development.

Do you want to keep your baby close to you at night? How about a co-sleeper or trundle bed?

For mothers who are breastfeeding, it is right that babies are more often used in the beginning. This stimulates milk production because the prolactin hormone is produced.
The night feeds also have another role. Your baby wants to feel safe, even at night. The love and security you give is important for your baby, but also for yourself. By cuddling with your child you make oxytocin. This is the cuddle hormone.

Oxytocin ensures that you become calm, calm and sleepy. You can certainly use this at night!

Did you know that: Breastfeeding makes sure that you fall into a deep sleep at night more quickly than when you are bottle-feeding.

Until when night food baby?

Generally, babies do not need night feeding when they are around 7 months old. They then sleep about 7 hours in a row. If your baby is 9 months old, your little one can sleep for longer!
Remember, these are average. It may be that your baby has already slept earlier or that you unfortunately have to give night nutrients. Fortunately, the number of night nutrients will decrease. That's because your baby gets a bigger stomach and can store more stock.

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Wake up baby for night food?

A newborn baby sleeps a lot, but also grows a lot. In addition, your little one has only a small stomach. For that reason your baby will ask for food every 3 to 4 hours. This is very important for your baby.
In most cases, your baby will wake up automatically, but it is possible that your newborn baby sleeps immediately. Make sure that your baby never sleeps longer than 10 hours in a row!

Sleeping longer than 10 hours causes the blood sugar level to drop too far and unconsciousness occurs. This is especially true for babies up to 1 month old.

Always make sure that your baby receives enough nutrients. A baby who is younger than 1 month can probably wake up for a night food to ensure that there is not 10 hours between food.

Skip baby night food

Newborn babies and babies younger than 1 month really need night food. But it is not bad if they get night food instead of 2 or 3 times. In any case, do not take control yourself and feed on request.

Babies between 2 and 3 months old also need night feeding, but a lot less than before. You can stretch the night by giving the last bottle at 0.00 and the next pass around 6.00. If they wake up in between you can try to wait 10 minutes before you go to your little one. There is a chance that your baby will continue to sleep without the food.

Reduce night feeding baby

Usually the phasing out of the night food is automatic and you do not have to do anything about it. Babies generally sleep around 6 or 7 months, but as I said earlier, it can happen that your baby calls for a bottle at night.

If your baby still gets night food at around 8 months old, it's more habituation than that your baby is really hungry. You can start reducing the night food from the 6 months. Generally babies could sleep 8 hours without night feeding.

If your baby asks for food at night, first check whether your baby is really hungry, or if something else is going on. It may also be that your baby wakes up from habituation or because he or she needs attention. You can find the reason for waking up by looking at how much your baby is drinking.

If it is very little and your baby has trouble with it, the night food is not necessary but your baby wants attention. Do not give your child food. Sometimes it can help you wait 10 minutes before you take action. Sometimes babies automatically fall asleep again.

If you notice that your baby is still hungry, it can help to put some rice flour in the last bottle before bedtime or choose Nutrilon good night food. Your baby will be full longer and will not ask for a new bottle. Do you breastfeed? Then you can pumping your milk for this last bottle.

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