Wearing Maxi-cosi, how do you do it well?

Of course you want to take your baby with you wherever you go, and then you often have to wear the maxi-cosi. Then you lift yourself an accident and feel your arm slowly die off and your hip becomes bluer and bluer. What a hell, especially if you have to wear the maxi-cosi (or a car seat of a different brand) for a little longer than planned. Hopefully we have the solution for you, because it seems that many ladies wear the maxi-cosi wrongly! How you should wear the seat and read some other tips here! So that the maxi-cosi wearing will go well in your future.

Maxi cosi easy to carry

How do you wear the car seat? Are you hanging it on your arm like a lot of women like you're carrying a big picnic basket? If you wear it like that you will hang the chair in your elbow and keep your arm bent. Women who in this way the wear maxi-cosi do not feel the inside of the elbow any more and then the forearm follows. Very painful. It also seems for your baby or in a roller coaster, because the maxi-cosi wobbles in all directions.

How do you wear a maxi cosi?

There is a better way to wear the maxi-cosi. In fact, here is the best way to wear it: put your arm through the big hole. Then bring your forearm down towards the side and bottom of the maxi-cosi. Then you grab the button with the hand where the handle is attached. In this way you support a large part of the weight with your hand and press the maxi-cosi closer to your body.

Because of this sturdy grip you will not suffer from your elbow, your shoulder or hips. It is really a relief! Below we have a video for you so you can clearly see how it should!

Maxi-Cosi carry video in the right way

Maxi cosi carrying strap

Carriers are also available for car seats such as the cocobelt. The cocobelt is attached to the handle of the seat. Then adjust it to the correct length so that the chair hangs at waist height. Pay close attention to this, because if you do not adjust the belt properly, wearing will soon become too heavy. The manual contains a handy step-by-step plan with examples.

Wearing a maxi-cosi with the cocobelt feels lighter than when you hold the seat on the bracket. Yet there are also people who indicate that you have less control over the seat with the belt. Mixed sounds. To see if it's something for you, you just have to try it. If you have weak shoulders then the cocobelt probably not a good option for safe wearing anyway.

Maxi cosi lifting

We have been talking about maxi-cosi wear, but lifting a maxi-cosi or other car seat, child seat or your child in the right way is also very important. If you have a child for the first time, you will notice that you have to lift a lot more often than before. So pay attention to your attitude immediately.

Always lift from your legs and never from your back. If you lift the maxi-cosi off the ground, go through your knees with your butt back as if you were sitting on a chair. Then you grab the seat and bring yourself up by tightening your legs. In the meantime, keep your back straight. In fitness this is called a squat.

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