Going abroad and pregnant? Think carefully about your health insurance!

Do you think about making a long journey? Or are you often on business abroad? Then think carefully about your health insurance! To the abroad and pregnant, then it is important to study the costs involved. Your healthcare costs can increase enormously due to your pregnancy. Go therefore compare your health insurance to avoid high costs.

Pregnant on a journey

If you go abroad for work or vacation, keep in mind that not all medical expenses related to your pregnancy may be covered abroad. It may happen that you unexpectedly have to visit a gynecologist abroad. You do not want to be awakened afterwards by the high costs that may be attached to this.

Always check the foreign coverage for your healthcare costs. Are all healthcare costs fully covered or only a maximum amount? Do medical costs for pregnancy also fall under this category? You want the best care for your unborn child, even if you are staying abroad.

Give birth abroad

You have probably looked into it, how is such a delivery going in his work. But have you also taken into account that this can go very differently abroad? Not only is good medical care available everywhere and it is therefore important that, if necessary, your health insurer can arrange this for you. So keep this in mind also when choosing your health insurance 2018.

Going abroad and pregnant? Choose the right health insurance!

Is there free choice of care? How high is the reimbursement of medical care abroad? Is medical transportation abroad included in your care package? All important questions that you have to take into account when choosing a health insurance, especially if you go abroad and are pregnant. If you do not want to look at each health insurer separately to get the costs and care coverage in a row? Then compare your health insurance via the website. It is all handy for you put on a list.

When are you no longer insured for healthcare costs abroad?

Whether you are insured for healthcare costs abroad depends on a number of factors that differ per insurance company. In general, if you work as a salaried employee or as a self-employed person abroad, you have to take out insurance there. It is also possible that when you receive a reimbursement for volunteering, your insurance will not reimburse your healthcare costs.

Going abroad and pregnant? Then keep in mind our tips when taking out your health insurance. It may be possible that you have to take out a special expat insurance for this.

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