Use food bra! What are you watching?

During and after your pregnancy your breasts are very sensitive and vulnerable. So you can imagine that a good pregnancy bra can be very pleasant. In itself it is not mandatory, but certainly recommended. If you start breastfeeding after your pregnancy, you can also use a nursing bra rather than a normal bra. A diet bra provides more support, no seams that cut into your sensitive skin and have a better fit.

What is a food bra?

During your pregnancy you will soon notice that your breasts are becoming very sensitive and that they are going to grow. Your normal bra will soon be too small. Since you still have to look for another bra, you could in principle immediately buy a maternity bra or nursing bra. These bras are better for your breasts in terms of fit and material than normal bras. You also have a chance with the normal bra variants that the milk ducts get in the pinch and that can cause infections.

A diet bra grows with your breasts (you do not have to buy several sizes), is nicer, gives a lot of support and is more practical during breastfeeding. You can easily use a nursing bra during breastfeeding because you can loosen the front. So you do not have to take off all your clothes and you can feed your child more discreetly.

Characteristics of a good nutrition bra

A good nursing bra or maternity bra is made of stretchable and breathable material (so that it can grow). Contains an inner bra for extra support and has no seams. In addition, the most important characteristic of a good bra is that it feels fine for you.

Feeding bra with or without bracket?

In the Netherlands there were previously no dietary bras with braces available because it was thought that they would pinch the milk ducts, but they have come back to this later. The braces in nursing bras are made of softer material and a lot shorter so they do not pierce your chest. For that reason you can also buy a bra with braces. When purchasing it, make sure that your breast is completely within the brace and the bra is not clamped anywhere.

Buy food bra, what you pay attention to

Ordering a food bra via the internet is not a good idea. It is really important that you fit it in the store. That way you can better determine which bra you like the most. If you are going to buy a food bra for the first time, it might be more convenient to buy it in a good lingerie store. In these stores they can help you to see which size you should have. It is essential that the nutrition bra has exactly the right size. Once you know your size, you can also order online.

You can buy your first bra in your current size because the fabric is stretchable. Do not buy nutrition bra on growthbecause you can not predict how your breasts will develop further. This development partly depends on how much you arrive in body weight and size. This can still change to about the 33rd week of your pregnancy. After this, your breasts will probably keep the same size even after your pregnancy.

Keep in mind that you buy a nursing bra that is not too tight around your breasts. It is useful to have some space left for a chest compress (kind of cushion that can catch the milk if you are leaking). In addition, your breasts can save such a cup before and after feeding.

Pregnancy bra or nursing bra?

A maternity bra is made of the same material and also contains virtually no seams. The big difference is that a feeding bra on the front has an opening system which is very useful when feeding. You do not have to pull out the entire bra.

If you are breastfeeding, it is better to use a nursing bra. During pregnancy you can choose a pregnancy bra. This is a growth bra that is very useful since your breasts will increase in size. So you do not always have to buy new bras. A growth in bra is similar to maternity wear or positional clothing that also grows with your belly. You can also wear the maternity bra after delivery if you do not breastfeed.

Do you have to wear a food bra at night?

In itself it is not necessary to wear a bra at night, but it can sometimes be pleasant. Especially right after your birth it is good to wear a sleeping bra or a feeding stop. Your breasts will go after delivery and feel hard and painful. No bra will be fine, but a food stop because it is very stretchable and does not irritate. After a few days you will probably be able to wear a bra again because your breasts will be softer again.

How many nutrition bras do you need?

Since the size of your breasts can change, it is not convenient to immediately store 5 nursing bras. If you are not yet 33 weeks pregnant, you better buy 1 or 2 maternity or nutrition bra. After the 33rd week of your pregnancy you probably have the size you will keep for a while. You can then purchase more nutritional bras, but do so only if you are completely satisfied with the material, fit and ease of the closure system.

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