What you need to know about amniotic fluid!

Amniotic fluid is essential for your baby when he or she is still in the womb. Without amniotic fluid your baby will not receive any nutrients, your baby will not be protected from knocks and your baby will not grow well.
In addition, it ensures that the temperature in the uterus remains constant, the umbilical cord is not compressed and your baby can move. Read here more interesting information and answers to the most frequently asked questions about this meaningful 'water' in your womb.

What does amniotic fluid look like?

In principle it is clear and colorless and therefore looks like water. But it can happen that there are some white flakes in it or that the pink is colored because there is some blood. Another color that it can take is brown, green or dark yellow. This means that your baby has pooped into the amniotic fluid. In itself this often occurs but it can lead to complications. Always contact your midwife if you notice this.

Amniotic fluid or secretion?

Fruit water is easily confused with urine or secretion because it can look like both in thickness. The biggest difference between amniotic fluid and secretion is the color. This water in the amniotic sac is either clear, or contains whitish flakes, is pink or some brown / green. In addition, the smell is also different. Separation smells sour and the water of the fruit smells sweet.

Does your baby drink amniotic fluid?

When your baby is about 4 months old, he or she drinks little bits of fruit water from time to time. In this way he gets some nutrients and he trains the respiratory system and digestive system.

Everything that your baby swallows will be expelled in the fruit water. Fortunately that is not harmful to your baby at all. Do you notice that your baby has the hiccups because you feel small shocks? That is a sign that your baby has drunk some of the water and accidentally chokes!

How much amniotic fluid is there in the womb?

The amount of fruit water in the womb is not the same for every woman. It can even happen that women have too much water or too little fruit water. From the second week of your pregnancy, the fluid begins to develop slowly. On average, women have 1.5 liters of amniotic fluid in their womb at the end of their pregnancy.

How do you know if you lose amniotic fluid?

If you lose fruit water in a kind of current, it feels like hot water is flowing out of your vagina. But it is more common for women to lose small amounts and not even notice this. In most cases you lose if you have contractions and the delivery has already begun.

Does the delivery begin with the loss of amniotic fluid?

Only in 10% of all women does the delivery start with the breaking of the membranes. In most cases, women first get contractions that cause the membranes to break.

The amniotic fluid then comes free in one stream, with small amounts or in a slow stream. It almost never happens that you get a 1.5 liter splash of water on the floor in one go.

Fruit water test

With an amniocentesis you can find out if your baby has a DNA abnormality or chromosome abnormality. They do this by testing cells in them. In this way it can be determined whether your baby has a chance of Down syndrome.

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