42 weeks pregnant

If you read this piece it means that you have reached the moment that you are almost 42 weeks pregnant are. Did you expect that you had to wait so long? Your baby has now reached a weight of 3600 grams and is 52 centimeters long. In this, or after this week, it really has to happen. So keep it full. But 5% to 10% of all pregnant women do not like it until after 42 weeks. Big chance that you are not here!

Appointment with the gynecologist

When women are 42 weeks pregnant, an appointment is always scheduled with the gynecologist. This is mainly to prevent major complications. If your baby is still moving well, there is usually no reason to be worried.

During the appointment at the gynecologist a cardiotocogram (CTG) is made. Hereby the heart tones of your baby are registered. On the basis of the heart tones it can be judged whether your baby is doing well. This is followed by an ultrasound scan. This research measures the amount of amniotic fluid in the uterus. You will then be told whether you can still give birth at home or whether it is necessary to give birth in the hospital.

Skin of your baby

Now that you have been pregnant for 42 weeks, your baby will not have a greasy layer. This layer protected your baby from the amniotic fluid. Now that the moment has come that you should actually give birth, the layer is less and less necessary. If you like it now it may be that the skin of your child is a bit dry and flaky. This is not very bad. In addition, babies who stay longer in the womb have longer hairs, nails and they are more alert. So your baby did not 'sit still' but just continued to develop.

Now the moment of delivery is really there!

No matter how you get used to it: this is your last week of pregnancy! It may take a bit longer (or too long) but you can now say goodbye to your big belly. If the birth does not begin naturally, you will be introduced. This means that the birth is started. Waiting for a longer time can cause complications. The delivery of the delivery always takes place in the hospital under the supervision of a gynecologist.

42 weeks pregnant, last check

Take a look around the baby room and check all the stuff. Do you really have everything? Is your flight suitcase ready with clothes for you and the baby? Are you ready for it?

We at pennea.org want to wish you a lot of success and happiness for the coming period. And if you have questions after your birth, you will find our website!

42 weeks pregnant! The delivery is now really going to start. Do you want to know how your baby is going to develop?
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