Boy or girl, did you have a preference?

It is perhaps one of the most exciting things during your pregnancy: find out what your baby's gender is. My husband and I were so curious that we specially had an ultrasound for the 16 weeks. Actually it does not matter when the revelation of the sex is: it remains exciting and secretly, very secretly, you may have a slight preference for the sex. Did you have that, a preference for one boy or girl?

Prefer boy or girl

I am going to be very, very honest. I myself did not really have a preference for the gender. Sometimes I thought I wanted a girl (but that was actually more because I like our maiden name) and sometimes I found myself a boy-mother. I just did not really know.

My sister was more stern in this: mothers almost always want girls and men to be a boy. Now I do not know if that really is black and white, but maybe she was right. In my case, it certainly applied. He had a whole, very, very small preference for a boy.

I knew my husband had this whole, very, very small preference for a son. That is why I hoped somewhere, during the sex determination echo, that he was not disappointed. When the midwife told me that it was a girl, I looked a bit tense at my husband. But I did not see any disappointment on his face. I saw him beaming with happiness. He squeezed my hand proudly. "We get a daughter!"

I was and am glad that my husband has completely embraced his little girl and is busy looking after her to make her the most beautiful baby room you can think of. He can not wait and his whole, very small preference for a son, has disappeared instantly.

Why do we have a preference?

Usually fathers want to go to work with their sons or to look at cars and mothers want to shop with their daughter and tug. Why? Because we can identify ourselves the most with our own gender. We know a little bit about what they are going through in the development and can understand each other just a bit better.

But no matter how you get used to it: you do not have to say whether you get a boy or girl. What might help is the realization that both sexes have advantages and disadvantages. And I have put this in a row. Because even though you may have a slight preference, please do not be too disappointed if your preference does not come true. Because health is really the most important!

What are the benefits of a boy or girl?

Advantages of a son

The benefits below are general benefits!

  • Mothers are being taken care of by their son!
  • Less drama: boys often quickly forget why they were so angry. After 5 minutes the weather is all good again, which is usually a bit slower for girls.
  • A lot of living in the house: if your son is at home, you will know (or hear) that. Boys spend a lot of life in the brewery. They frolic, jump or do crazy. It is never boring.
  • Easy to pick out clothes: dressing up a son is quite easy: pants and shirt or sweater and you're done. You also have less choice stress because the choice for boys clothing is simply less important.
  • No struggle with getting dressed: your son will think everything is fine to have.
  • A lot in motion: sons want to run and move a lot. Annoying? No, dude, you can see it like that: you can also exercise a lot yourself!
  • A good eater: maybe not immediately, but in the long run, almost every boy is a good eater who works with his mother in love.
  • Tough things to do with daddy: it is super endearing to see your son with daddy doing cool things. Like playing around, watching football or playing with the lego for hours. Do you have some rest!
  • You worry less, especially if your son is older, you release him rather than if you have a daughter.

Benefits of a daughter

  • It is calmer: boys are usually busier than girls and break the tent earlier. Girls prefer to go upstairs with the dolls and you barely hear.
  • Help in the household: daughters are only too happy to copy their mother and so you soon have a little help in the household!
  • Little fighting: boys fight and frolic more or more violently than girls.
  • Less often new clothing needed: girls can keep their clothes rather and perhaps even cleaner, than boys.
  • Great shopping: the choice in girls' clothing is many times larger than with boys. This means that you can shop and have the choice in cute clothes, but also cool clothes for your little girl.
  • Papa's little girl: daughters often have the tendency to go to their fathers. That is, of course, great for puppies. And how cute is it not to see your daughter with daddy?
  • Getting pregnant and getting married: the nice thing about a daughter is that she later (if it is good) also gets pregnant and gets married. That is very special for a mother.
  • Girls are more independent and can concentrate better, also at school.
  • Girls are usually more social than boys and will want to spend more time with their mother or father. Even at a later age, daughters often visit more than boys.

A nice book to have in the house during pregnancy is: Baby on arrival - forecast book. Who of your friends and family recommends the correct date of birth, gender, height and weight of your baby?

Then they can not pretend afterwards that they certainly knew that it would be a boy or girl

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