Which vitamins swallow if you want to become pregnant for women and men?

Certain vitamins and minerals can affect the fertility of women, but also of men! It is therefore good to take a critical look at your diet to determine whether you will receive the most important nutrients. If you suspect that you are not receiving everything, you may be able to proceed to minerals and swallow vitamins to improve fertility.

Which vitamins swallow for improvement fertility?

Below is a list of vitamins and minerals that can contribute to improving your fertility.

  • Vitamin B6 good for the fertility of men and women

    For both men and women it is good to get enough vitamin B6. This vitamin swallow contributes to the activation of certain hormones including sex hormones. In women, sex hormones play a major role in the production of egg cells. In addition, the hormones prepare the uterus for a possible pregnancy. The male sex hormones ensure the production of sperm cells. And enough sperm cells are certainly needed for the fertilization of the egg!

    You usually get enough vitamin B6 if you eat healthy and varied. Does your diet contain enough meat, eggs, fish, potatoes, vegetables, milk, grain products, cheese and legumes? Then it is not necessary to swallow a supplement with these vitamins.

  • Zinc contributes to the production of sperm cells

    Zinc helps to produce sperm cells and affects testosterone and other hormones. If your blood contains little testosterone, which may be a consequence of a zinc deficiency, this will reduce the amount of sperm of the man. Automatically it also reduces the chance of becoming pregnant. For men it is therefore good to regularly put meat, grain products, crustaceans and cheese on the menu.

    If you want to be sure to supplement the mineral in your body with a zinc food supplement? Make sure that the quantity is not above 25 milligrams per day.

    Increase sperm count

    Zinc has another function. It has a positive influence on the effect of folic acid in the body of a man. Research has shown that men who are less fertile, benefit from zinc and folic acid supplement. These supplements can increase the number of sperm cells.

  • Selenium for fit sperm cells

    If a man has an ejaculation, the sperm cells rush to the egg to fertilize them. At that moment it is a battle of the fittest sperm cells. Survive the strongest and make a good chance to reach and fertilize the egg cell.

    Selenium can ensure that the sperm cell is well mobile. That is because sperm cells contain protein with selenium. This is responsible for the structure and mobility of the tail. Too little selenium can lead to damaged sperm cells, so they are less fit to cover the 'long journey' to the egg. Adult men need 60 micrograms of selenium daily. It is in animal products and also in plant products.

Folic acid important for women before and during pregnancy

Women who want to become pregnant and pregnant women are advised by the Health Council to swallow 400 micrograms of folic acid every day. Folic acid (also called vitamin B11) has a positive effect on homocysteine ​​which in turn plays a major role in the ripening of egg cells. In addition, folic acid is important during the early development of the baby.

Does vitamin D contribute to getting pregnant faster?

Vitamin D seems to be important for both men and women with a desire to have children. A study by the University of Copenhagen showed that men with a vitamin D deficiency lacked motile, less rapid and less healthy sperm cells. In addition, it seems that these vitamins swallow the testosterone level positively affected. Although there is still more research to be done to determine this, there are clear indications. For women, vitamin D may also have a positive effect on getting pregnant after one IVF treatment.

Vitamin D is the only vitamin that the body can produce from sunlight itself. Nevertheless, the Health Council advises pregnant women to take 10 micrograms of extra vitamin D daily. For men with children, it would not be wrong, especially when they do not come out much.

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