Use lubricant and get pregnant

About 50% of Dutch couples use lubricant during sex. However, if you have a child wish, it is not wise to use lubricant. Most ordinary lubricants available at the drugstore or in the pharmacy contain spermicides. You obviously should not have that if you want to become pregnant. Read more about this here use lubricant and get pregnant.

Use lubricant

Almost half of the Dutch couples use lubricant during sex. Lubricant ensures that the vagina remains moist so that the sex tastes better. The main reason to use lubricant is because the woman makes too little vaginal fluid, which makes things a bit stiff. That is not pleasant for the ladies, but also not for the men.

To make enough vaginal fluid it is important that the woman is excited. A good foreplay can help. But maybe you have been trying to get pregnant for some time and the sexual intercourse is more of a must than something you are looking forward to. In that case, lubricant would be very useful to get things going a bit.

Seed-killing substances in lubricant

The packaging of some lubricants states that the product contains spermicidal substances. So you should not purchase anyway if you want to get pregnant, but actually it is better not to use any lubricant at all.

Even if it is not on the packaging, it is likely that almost every lubricant contains substances that have harmful effects. This is due to the chemical composition and the unnatural pH value. These compositions ensure that the sperm cells become less mobile: they are therefore slower than normal and can not reach the uterus, or very difficult. In order to conceive, 'fit' sperm cells are needed to make the journey, any form of weakening can be fatal.

Alternatives for lubricants that are not good

As an alternative to lubricant, you would quickly grab the olive oil, massage oil, saliva, glycerine or vegetable oil, but that is not wise either. It is possible that these means also cause the quality of the sperm to deteriorate. If you want to be confident about the uncertainty, it is better to omit it.

Best alternative to using lubricant and getting pregnant?

If you still want to use some kind of lubricant and get pregnant, opt for natural options. The best is water. Water is a natural substance. Another option is through the natural way: so try to ensure that the vaginal fluid increases.

Take the time for foreplay and free mainly on the fertile days. These are the days 2 weeks before the first day of your next period. Read more about your menstrual cycle and ovulation here.

Does not water help and is it a bit stiff through the natural way? Then there is fortunately 1 lubricant on the market that you can safely use. This is called Conceive Plus from the brand Sasmar.

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