Bottle feeding with spring water

If you give your baby bottle-feeding, then of course you want to ensure that you give your baby the best. So bottle-feeding without bacteria, metals or a high dose of lime, because that can occur in tap water. Is it just safe nowadays to use tap water or do you have to bottle-feeding with spring water? You read the answer in this blog.

Bottle feeding with spring water or tap water?

Previously it was advised to bottle-feed with spring water, but nowadays that is absolutely no longer necessary. Hospitals, health centers, the Nutrition Center and water companies all indicate that tap water is suitable for bottle feeding. The tap water in the Netherlands has been extensively tested and of a high quality. It is not even necessary to boil the water first, before you make a bottle with it.

When do you use well water?

Approximately everyone in the Netherlands can use tap water and do not have to opt for bottle feeding with spring water. There is only one exception: if your home has old pipes that consist of lead, then it is good to bottle-feed with spring water. So let us check your pipes beforehand if you have any doubts. If your home was built before the war (1945) then chances are that the pipes are lead. In principle, this almost no longer occurs in the Netherlands.

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A second reason to opt for bottle-feeding with spring water is when you go abroad. The tap water abroad is less safe and in most countries you can not drink from the tap even as adults.

When to boil water for boiling first?

The tap water in the Netherlands is so safe that it does not need to be boiled before you make a bottle of baby food. However, if you want to make a supply of bottles, it is wise to first boil the water, then let it cool down and then make the bottle with it. If you make ready-made bottles with boiling water and then put them in the fridge, you can keep them for 8 hours.

Of course you can opt for bottle-feeding with spring water. Just because it is possible and because you probably also prefer to drink spring water than just tap water. But it is not really necessary.

Bottle feeding with hot tap water

Our cold tap water is safe, but it is not advisable to use the tap water lukewarm or warm for bottle feeding. Hot or lukewarm water comes from the boiler or geyser. Due to the combustion processes that take place there, it is possible that the water contains metals. Always pack cold water and warm it up by warming up the bottle.

Bottle feeding with Quooker

I think you can make excellent bottle-feeding with Quooker. With most Quooker systems, 3 liters of water are constantly stored at 110 degrees Celsius in a reservoir. In this way it is possible to always have boiling water. Because the water is at such a high temperature, no bacteria can enter, because they do not pull that hot temperature. Of course you have to let the water cool down before you make the bottle of baby food with it!

Which spring water for bottle feeding?

Would you like to bottle-feed with spring water, simply because it is possible? Or because you do not trust your pipes or because you are abroad? Make sure that you buy mineral water without carbonic acid (seems logical) and that there is as little sodium as possible, such as in Spa Reine, Bar le Duc or Evian spring water.

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