Tessa writes: For the first time a little worry!

Almost 36 weeks and for the first time a little worry! The end of the pregnancy is really approaching. Only 4 weeks and 1 day until my due date. And for the first time in all those weeks I'm a bit worried about our daughter.

Pain management and birth plan

Yesterday I was back at the midwife and we talked about concrete issues around and during the delivery. So I indicated that I would like to stay in the bath for as long as possible, giving birth in a bath is not allowed here. She also asked me if I had thought about pain relief, laughing gas is very common here and more than half of the women who give birth use it.

That is the only thing I would want, for now I do not say an epidural or something like that. On the other hand, I am open to acupuncture as pain control. The body makes more endorphins through acupuncture, this is your own pain management. In the hospital where I will give birth, several midwives have been trained to apply acupuncture, so I will definitely go into this!

Checks by the midwife

When I went into the examination room and lay down in bed, they first listened to the heartbeat of the baby. The heartbeat was fine and then they measure the length of the uterus. This had not grown compared to two weeks ago and has stuck at a length of 32 cm.

In my experience that is too small, because I know that the number of centimeters is about the same as the number of weeks of pregnancy. That would mean that the uterus now has to have a length of about 36 cm.

For this reason she wants to see me again next Tuesday. Then she will measure again and if growth has taken place it is good. But if this is not the case and I have the same length of the uterus three times in a row, I will be referred to the hospital for an extra ultrasound to see if our little one grows according to the norm.

For the first time a little worry

So now for the first time a little worry if everything will be fine with her. At the time, we deliberately did not commission research into congenital abnormalities such as Down's syndrome or other disorders.

Perhaps, hopefully, it is nothing and we may have a smaller baby than average without any apparent cause.

Just when you use the omnipotent internet and search for 'growth retardation baby"does not make you feel more comfortable.

Has the time now arrived that I have to slow down? In the afternoon I will have to force myself to rest and sleep. The 10 km walks are unfortunately over, half must still succeed, walking through a delicious fresh pack of snow!

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