15 weeks pregnant

Now you 15 weeks pregnant you have been sitting there for 105 days! Your baby keeps growing nicely and now has the size of an apple (11 centimeters) and weighs 90 grams. The little uk is becoming a real person. The ears are now in the right place of the head and no longer in the neck. The eyes have also been moved forward. The bones grow well in the length. The head of your baby is about as big as a marble and the hands have the size of a little pea.

The baby is really moving

Your baby is really moving. In this way the muscles become stronger and stronger. If you have had children before, it is possible that you already feel something, but usually this will take a few weeks. Because your baby is really in motion, he sometimes swallows some amniotic fluid. This gives him or her the hiccups. This process is a good exercise to breathe later and to be able to swallow and suck. Read more about this in my baby has the hiccups.

15 weeks pregnant, here come the first pregnancy silos

In the first quarter, most women do not get that much. If you are 15 weeks pregnant then the pregnancy silos begin to come slowly. On average, women in this period between 2 to 4.5 kilograms. Do not think of arriving as an annoying incident. In fact, it is good that from now on you gain some weight as long as it stays within bounds. How much you will arrive is different for each woman. Some women arrive quickly and others do not.

Number of weeks pregnantWeight gain during pregnancy is not less than:Weight gain during pregnancy is no more than:
1st quarter:
0 to 13 weeks
0.9 kg2.7 kg
Week 161.8 kg4.5 kg
Week 203.6 kg6.3 kg
Week 245 kg8.1 kg
Week 286.8 kg10 kg
Week 328.1 kg12.2 kg
Week 349 kg13.1 kg
Week 369.5 kg14 kg
Week 3710 kg14.5 kg
Week 3810.4 kg15 kg
Week 3910.8 kg15.4 kg
Week 4011.3 kg15.9 kg

Weight gain during pregnancy for a normal BMI of 18.5 to 25. If in doubt, contact your doctor or midwife!

You can always discuss the situation with your midwife. But if you continue to pay attention to your diet and continue to eat healthy and varied without too many snacks, sweets and chocolates, it will all be easy. On average you can count on the fact that from now on you will arrive at about half a kilo per week.

Already started with the baby room?

At this moment you have enough energy and your stomach is not so big that you can move freely.

Read our tips for the baby room here!

15 weeks pregnant, perhaps a good time to get started with the baby room.

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