Forgot your pill? What now: Skip or take 2 pills at the same time?

Forgot your pill? And now? Am I pregnant? Fortunately that does not have to be that way right away. In general, there is no man overboard if you have forgotten the pill one time. So you do not have to worry about a possible pregnancy. Are you the pill forgotten then it is always good to take it. Even when this means you 2 pills at a time must take. Skipping is not the best option.

Taking two pills at the same time is not harmful to you. In addition, there are other things you can do to ensure that you do not become pregnant. It can make a difference in which week you forgot the pill. You need to be extra careful in some weeks. Read more about this in this blog!

First pill forgotten after stop week

Are you in the first week of your new comic and have you forgotten the pill? Swallow the pill as yet and take the pill that you actually had to take that day at the usual time. If you have not had unprotected sex in the last 7 days, there is nothing to worry about.
If you want to be sure that you will remain childless for a while, it is wise to use condom for the next week. Just in case!

Did you forget the first pill after stop week and have you had unprotected sex in the last 7 days?
In that case it is good to have one morning after pill to take. You can buy these at the drugstore. Did you have unprotected sex 1 or 2 days before you forgot the pill? Please contact your doctor.

Pil forgot in the second week of your comic

If you forgot the pill in your second week of the comic, there is nothing to worry about. Take the pill as yet, even if this means that you now take 2 pills at the same time.
In this week, the chance that you will become pregnant is not great because the pill can simply do its job. However, if you have forgotten more pills in this week, use another contraceptive such as a condom for the next 7 days. Make sure you consistently take the pill again in those 7 days. After this you can have sex without a condom again.

Forgot the pill for stop week

Did you forget the pill in the third week of your strip (so the last week) then you can choose a few options:

  1. Take the pill as yet, finish the strip and have protected sex for the next 14 days;
  2. Take the pill as yet and stick it for an extra week. Use the pills from another strip for this. After this extra week you will do a stop week. You are now protected against an unwanted pregnancy.
  3. Still take the pill and immediately start with a new strip. So you swallow.
  4. Immediately start with a stop week. After 7 days you start again with a new strip.

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