Pull-out bed or co-sleeper? Sleep safely with your baby!

Nowadays they are becoming increasingly popular: a bedside cot or co-sleeper. These are beds that you can attach to the parental bed. That way you have your baby very close to you, but he or she sleeps on his own mattress under his own blanket. It sounds very good, but opinions are about one bedside cot or co-sleeper divided. Some parents simply do not like it and others do. In addition, the question remains whether you can sleep safely with your baby with these beds. Read all advantages and disadvantages here.

What is a bedside crib or co-sleeper?

A folding bed or co-sleeper are beds that you can slide or attach to your own bed. One side can open so you can easily make contact with your baby. The nice thing about these beds is that your baby is close to you, but still has its own mattress and blanket. In terms of safe sleeping with your baby, this is preferable to letting your baby sleep in your own bed, also known as co-sleeping. View here some examples of these handy cradles that you can slide against your bed.

With co-sleeping there is a greater chance of accidents because you roll on your baby, for example, or your baby suffocates under the heavy blankets. That can not happen with a bedside cot or co-sleeper.

Better night's sleep by co-sleeper

The opinions of parents about the bedside cribs are divided. Some parents like to have their baby close by and even have a better night's sleep. This is because babies can be calmer if they stay close to the parents. But on the other hand, a baby can ruin so close to your sleep. Especially if you are a light sleeper and wake up from every breath and cough. Then it might be better to put your baby in his or her own baby room. So it is very personal.

Advantages of a folding bed or co-sleeper

One of the biggest advantages of a bedside crib or co-sleeper is that it is very nice for the ladies who are breastfeeding. You do not have to leave your bed anymore, but you can immediately pick up and lay your baby, without having to move yourself a meter. Other benefits are:

  • Possibly better night's sleep
  • Babies sometimes fall asleep faster when the parents are close to them
  • If you want to drink a baby or need something else, then you are right there

Disadvantages of a pull-out bed or co-sleeper

In addition to the advantages, there are also disadvantages. Think of:

  • Some children sleep better in their own room because they have more rest
  • If you sleep lightly, your night's rest will be disturbed because you wake up from every breath
  • Your baby can become dependent on you and therefore can not sleep well anymore alone (what your baby really should do once

Sleep safely with your baby

If you want to sleep safely with your baby, a bedside crib or co-sleeper is better than having your baby sleep in bed. According to Netherlands Youth Health Center, it is better to simply place your baby in its own cradle. That way your baby can never roll out of the bed and end up in the parental bed.
If you opt for a bed or co-sleeper please note the following points:

  • Make sure the cot is properly secured so that the mattresses of your baby and yourself are well connected
  • It is best to have a bed where you can put an intermediate gate or shot at night so that your baby can not end up in your bed.
  • Always raise the closing gate completely when your baby is sleeping in the bed and you are not there. Never raise the gate halfway because that can have dangerous consequences.
  • Transfer to another bed in time, for example when your baby can sit or pull herself up.

In addition to the tips for safe sleeping with your baby in a bedside crib, there are also a number of general tips that ensure that you reduce the risk of cot death a whole lot. Read more about this in our blog: 'Safe sleeping of your baby, here you have to pay attention.'

How do you make the right choice?

The advice regarding safe sleep with your baby sometimes change and I think everyone has their own opinions and preferences. There are clear indications that it is not safe to let your baby sleep in the parental bed, especially when it comes to a newborn baby. The risks of accidents are simply greater.

If you still want to have your baby close to you, a bedside cot or co-sleeper is a very good solution. Especially if you follow the safety advice mentioned. Whether these beds are better than letting your baby sleep in a crib in his or her own room is not the case either. It is both possible and it is entirely up to you what you like the most.

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