Tessa writes: Only 8 weeks left

What is the time suddenly fast, the month of November has arrived and the winter time has gone. That means that the winter is coming, the snow, Christmas but most importantly: our daughter! Only 8 weeks to go until the due date.

All clothes for Elin are now washed and almost everything is already sorted to size in her closet. The last mini jerseys are hanging to dry and what do I think it looks nice, so small! Of course you think: 'Huh, but she already mentions the name of their child here ?!' Right! We are both very sober in it and as soon as we knew it we just called her Elin instead of 'the baby' or 'daughter'. It is already very natural to name her by name and by using it in daily life we ​​find the name really a perfect choice!

She moves and kicks in my mind all day long and when I see my stomach move it seems like a scene from a science-fiction film. Very special and when it is dark I deliberately turn on a light to see it.

I was also on check again at the midwife with 31 weeks + 5 days. She grows excellent, has a perfect heartbeat and the midwife now felt the position of hers for the first time and she was now lying down nicely with her head down. But this can of course still change. When I stood on the scale, I had not arrived at all in comparison to the two weeks earlier but this does not harm me at all, as long as I eat well.

Only 8 weeks to go: PKU test or heel prick?

We received some information about the PKU test, performed in the Netherlands by means of the well-known heel prick. Here it happens differently, namely with a jab in the hand, about 48 hours after birth. This method appears to be less painful than the heel prick and is also used in Belgium.

After we walked out, I thought, "Do not we ask too little about the midwife?" We are quite ready and I wonder how that with other expectant parents. We are sober and very much looking forward to the moment that we are allowed to close Elin in our arms. But for now we are also down-to-earth and we think: we'll see it.

The bag that goes to the hospital is ready with all the stuff for us three and in my opinion I have read enough information on the internet, watched movies and completed my delivery plan and prepared to take with me.

So, now we are going for a walk in the fresh autumn air and then the wood-burning stove can be turned on again. Wonderful those dark days!
And only 8 weeks left.

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