Breastfeeding and losing weight is that allowed?

Every pregnant woman arrives during pregnancy. Some hardly touch fat tissue and lose the pregnancy silos very quickly. Other women have persistent pregnancy silos that do not go off. Sometimes you want those pounds off yesterday, but what about breastfeeding? Can you also lose weight during breastfeeding? Read the answer here breastfeeding and losing weight.

Breastfeeding and losing weight is that allowed?

I can imagine very well that if you get a lot of kilos richer after giving birth, you want to get rid of it quickly. Of course you immediately think of losing weight by following a diet. Now you often hear that breastfeeding and weight loss do not go well together. How is that really?

If you are breastfeeding your body needs more energy and you get this energy from food. On average you burn 500 kilocalories every day through breastfeeding than if you do not breastfeed. Your body needs these calories to produce milk. Often it is not even necessary to go on a diet if you are breastfeeding because you already lose weight.

Women who are breastfeeding should gradually lose weight, about half a kilogram per week. Always make sure that you get all the necessary nutrients. Falling faster than half a kilo per week is not recommended. You often feel tired and limp and that is not conducive to the care that you have to bear for your child.

Breastfeeding and losing weight: Breastfeeding helps to get back to your old weight!

A strict diet with shakes or a low carbohydrate diet is therefore not recommended. Another reason to postpone the strict lines is that you can become undernourished by a severe (crash) diet, this has a negative influence on your milk production.

It is not the case that your milk is deteriorating when it comes to quality. In addition, it is sometimes said that waste products enter your mother's milk if you waste quickly (more than half a kilo per week). These wastes would be bad for your child.

Waste substances will indeed be released if you waste quickly, but the extent to which this ends up in breast milk and whether this is dangerous for your baby has not yet been studied very well. So it is up to you whether you think it is worth a risk or opt for gradual waste.

Responsible weight loss

After your birth it is really good not to think about losing weight. First give your body at least 6 weeks to get pregnant and recover from the delivery. Stay healthy during this period and try to keep sweets and fatty products. Start moving again in this period, for example walking or cycling with your baby. If all goes well, you start to feel a bit fitter and finer, and you might even lose the first pounds.

Breastfeeding and losing weight fable or not?
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After 6 weeks you can see how it is with your weight. Usually it is not necessary to follow a diet if you are breastfeeding because weight loss often goes automatically. If you eat healthy, sugar-free and fatty products and also ensure sufficient physical activity, you should lose weight if it is good. Your food can then consist of wholemeal products, lean meats, legumes, fruit, vegetables and unsaturated fats such as oils. If you lose half a kilogram per week, that is more than enough.

Too much weight loss after delivery through breastfeeding

Some women experience that they lose weight very quickly and perhaps too much through breastfeeding. Although this may be a dream for some women, it is not always desirable for other ladies with a lower weight.

The reason that some ladies lose too much due to breastfeeding is because their bodies burn more energy through breastfeeding. This is on average 500 kcal more every day. If these calories are not supplemented, you lose about half a kilogram per week. In addition, it is also possible that you forget to eat well with your new life with your baby and because of that you get fewer calories so that losing weight goes faster.

The first thing you can do is look at your food. Do you eat enough? Try to have 3 main meals a day with at least 2 snacks. Calculate here what you need to eat at least a day to get enough nutrients and calories. Compare this with your current diet and try to supplement this with a healthy diet. Do not take extra sweets to stop losing weight. Your body needs valuable nutrients right now.

The second thing you can do is contact your doctor. He can refer you to a nutritionist or dietitian. These specialists can find out why you waste too much with breastfeeding and ensure that you do not become malnourished and stay on weight.

Lose weight by flasks

You can lose weight through breastfeeding and therefore also through flasks. Even when you pump your body, your body needs to make breast milk and that costs your body energy. This is on average 500 kcal per day more than you would burn if you do not breastfeed.

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How much weight loss after delivery?

During pregnancy you get an average of 12 kilos and that weight consists of about 3 kilograms of adipose tissue. If you have arrived more than 10-12 kilos, you will probably have more fatty tissue. The other kilos consist of the weight of your baby, amniotic fluid, placenta, uterus, extra blood and extra breast tissue. After your birth, you lose a lot of this weight quickly. Everything you waste more is adipose tissue.

How much you lose after the birth is very different for each woman. Mothers who are breastfeeding notice that they lose weight faster. That is because breastfeeding costs energy. With some women, the last few pounds do not go off, with other women it can happen that they keep on losing weight.

Keep an eye on your weight and make sure you do not fall off too quickly or arrive correctly. In most cases, women who are breastfeeding can lose so much weight in the first six months that they are back to their weight before birth. In any case: if you eat healthy!

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